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Granado Espada’s “New Era” story line is preparing to come to a close. With the release of its next major update, the game will introduce New Era Episode 2 and set the stage for the last episode.

Episode 2 will introduce a new Field & Artifact established in the basement of the Viron Clock Tower, a new mission located in the same area, and a new character — Evil Machina. The character is a mankind destroyer born of technology and magic.

In the last episode, players can expect another mission — this one taking place in a “space of emptiness where everything has stopped,” — a new character named Leona Bernier, a raid monster — Axei Pharrel, and the Duke of Rose Artifact collection.

To find out more about the upcoming update, or to download the game, head over to the Granado Espada site.

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  1. Xazur on June 29, 2016

    Granada Espada was actually one of my most favorite game when it came out. Controlling 3 characters is a bit tough sometimes when there is a lot of stuff going on but I liked everything about the game. Maxing out your characters wasn’t tough at all it just took some time but to gear them up was the hard part. The only thing that made me stop playing the game was the fact that all the best gear was only obtainable from raids so unless you played with a clan or something your characters would be underpowered to take on the end game mobs let alone the bosses.

    • MMO Customer on June 29, 2016

      There is way more issues than just raid bosses.

  2. Fluffysheep on June 29, 2016

    Wow surprised this game is still alive! I played this game ages ago D:

  3. Speed on June 28, 2016

    The game is fun to play but the population is so small. it like I’m a playing Single player game but it is not fun at all. This game should get shut down for real. Nobody care about that game when it came out early in the year 2007.

    • Ramza Jinn Ruu on June 29, 2016

      You shut the hell up just cause the game have a small player base does not mean it not making money. If this small player base is keeping it alive then let those enjoy the game. I swear people that think like you about MMOs annoys me.

      • Mika on June 29, 2016

        That was very Rude Ramza. If you don’t like people putting the truth out for a Small MMO that is suffering and becoming unknown on the market then pay no to mind on News games website. There was no need to a nasty Comment.
        Like I always said think before you speak.

        • Guest on June 29, 2016

          I agree I never saw so much hate from a person who was just telling the truth about Rpg game. I guess that show people don’t want to speak the truth nowadays. (bottle up of lies)

      • Ramza Jinn DUMB on June 30, 2016


      • Kai on June 30, 2016

        you do have a point it doesnt matter how low the population is as long as the game is still alive its great some people dont care about population as long theyre having fun