Black Desert Drakania Awakening Launches Simultaneously For PC And Console

New adventurers can earn a free Game Pass from July 27 to August 17.

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Black Desert

Pearl Abyss has launched their newest update for their open world MMORPG Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console–Drakania Awakening. Unleashed from the shackles of an oppressive tyrant dragon named Labreska, the children of the Dragon are finally free.

The Awakening update offers a new playstyle for players to experience along with a new questline with lore about Drakania and her draconic heritage. This new update will also add a new season named Dawn of Dragons that includes quests that will unlock Drakania’s Awakening, which offers a faster level-up and gear support to players. In addition, new adventurers can earn a free Game Pass from July 27 to August 17 and fully experience the Drakania class.

This new content will also introduce an exclusive new weapon, Trion, a combination of two spears. One is empowered with wind and the other with a raging fire. The Class is a melee based class with excellent movement skills. Drakania has the ability to switch between ‘Hexeblood’ and 'Dragonblood' forms, each offering their own unique advantages.

Players should note that all Dawn of Dragons season content will only be available for PC players on the North America, Europe and South America servers.

Players can check out the newest gameplay trailer below and watch as Drakania unfurls her ashen wings.

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