Yes, you read that correctly. Today, Daum Games Europe announced that it is working with Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss to bring the MMORPG to North America and Europe in early 2016. A new teaser site is also live and the announcement comes with a brief description of some of the changes the Western version of the game will have over its Russian and Korean cousin. The main difference will be the payment model.

Black Desert Online will not be free to play in the West. Instead, the game will adopt a one time box fee and then have a cash shop for vanity and convenience items. The game’s box price will be revealed at a later date. Game balancing and localization are also slated to undergo various changes.

“We are putting a lot of effort in the game’s Western localization,” said Daniel Loehr (AKA Belsazar), Project Manager at Daum Games, “We are localizing approximate 2.5 million words into English, German and French. Black Desert Online’s content and gameplay systems will be adjusted to accommodate Western players and our differentiating business model.”

With that announcement, Black Desert Online won’t be making many headlines here at MMOBomb anymore, but what do you think about the payment model change? Does the box fee make the game more desirable for you? Let us know below.

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  1. I got no problem playing a buy 2 play game. But The publisher makes it seem like it’s buy 2 win they got micro currencies and a cash shop ingame they also force you to give up rights to your 14 day refund that your entitled to before you even download and open up the game client. So if the game glitches out I’m out of my refund still? This game has alot of potential but the publishers seem real shady. This is why I try to stay away from MMOs built in the west they somehow always have a bad publisher.

  2. Play on Black Desert Russia which is f2p and not p2w and you can use and english patch , and u can play the game with no problems , well atleast i dont have any problems , My country is close to Russia so i got no lag problem

  3. B2P usually translates to we have no confidence in our game to keep your attention so we will hype it up and suck all your money up. So those who support that, You’re the ones who are a problem with this world and gaming. Turn off your computer and never come back Thanks.

  4. You know I keep reading all these things saying alright yay b2p but everyone keeps forgetting one major factor and that companies one major flaw. “THERE NOT A WELL KNOWN COMPANY AND THE GAME IS NOT WELL PUBLICIZED.” There I said it look with that truthful statement out there, my point is is there are not going to make the revenue that it would have cost them to make the game, which means as of right now they are playing the high carded chance of losing alot and I mean alot of money on this kind of model.

  5. well this is bad im not paying for a f2p game what a waste , money hungry company trying to justify a b2p model because they have to translate 2.5million words?

    the stick of their lies is coming through the computer screen

    looks like b&s is the one to play

  6. I really don’t mind paying for it, but excuse me if I wait a few months to buy it and hope the community isn’t more trashier than League’s on a good day.

    I am a League play and I reserve the right to say this.

  7. happy to hear that. so i think, western BDO going b2p is a good idea.
    like they said… they put a lot of effort translating it into 3 languages, working on bug fixes, balance issues and so on… i believe that we will get a pretty much polished game out of it.
    about BDO. i played, and i occationally still play, the KR version of it. i enjoyed it and i still enjoy the combat style. however its not that hardcore because the devs made the kr version suited to korean people’s play style. thats all fine. ++the devs are working together with the english/western testers and considered a lot of thoughts.
    about the cash shop. KR version is f2p and even their cash shop doesnt have any p2w crap in it.
    i mean sure, there is something like a “vip service” which u can buy and gives u 10% more silver drop and 10 or 30% more exp on kills (sorry couldnt translate that part correct so i am not sure) but thats pretty much it. tbh i never mind that kinda service. especially in BDO u dont get much out of it. lvling from 1 to 50 takes u a maximum of 2 days. and another week until 55. who cares about getting there 10% faster? lol.
    rest of the shop is pretty much just costumes and pets which all can be bought from ingame currency as well.
    at least… yea, there is a “fatigue” system. there are only few things that cost “strength” like crafting/cooking, farming and spending skill points. but as u level or finish certain quests u gain additional strength so u can do more stuff. besides that strength recovers one point every 3 minutes.
    so i started with i think 10 strength and ended somewhere with 65 strength. at the end i played a mix of crafting, farming and gvg. i never managed to spend all my strength points at once. (so dont listen to people whining about it) besides… the western model will then be different.
    all in all i pretty much love BDO already and i am looking forward playing it in the EU

  8. I’ve played the Japanese version of the game and I can say the game is defenitly not worth a price tag. That b2p will kill the game because honestly it does not look or feel like a b2p game. If they want such a game like this too succeed which btw this game will have an energy system, then they better just drop it to f2p.

  9. Buy to play done right menas:
    – Less retards
    – More content
    – No pay to win
    Look at Guild Wars 2. I’m happy to support the devs with a one-time payment so they can keep me entertained for years.

    • Guild Wars 2 has a reputation as does its developers so don’t compare it to that game. You make it sound like you’re going to be entertained for years. You will be disappointed in weeks.

  10. Just play the Russian version with an english translation, I’m getting 80-120 latency from Texas.

    Its not worth waiting really play it now in RU server.

  11. Remember the days when you would buy a game and there was no cash shop inside of it to try and squeeze even more money out of you?

    Those were the good days.

  12. Don’t worry’ll end up F2P eventually. Bigger, more well known games have tried (and failed) to stay P2P/B2P.

    Also, @Koagz Lol good luck friend..let’s see that attitude in a good year and a half post-launch when Black Desert goes F2P (or flat out dies permanently). You won’t be smiling then.

  13. I played the Korean version of the game, and it’s not like ArcheAge at all, sure, it’s a sandbox game, just like ArcheAge. In the same way WoW would just be like Wildstar / Aion e.t.c

    I enjoyed the game quite a lot but I didn’t wanna explore everything before it came out in English, I am really happy to hear about them going with the Buy the Box model, like GW2 which in my opinion worked out really really well.

    I’m super excited to see how Daum Games will do with this game, and I hope it will be a great success.

  14. Good. Less children with no access to their parent’s credit cards and little to no bot spammers. People fail to see the positive of B2P and P2P.

    • i think its a good game for people that like pvp based mmorpg since the game seems to be heavily focused on guild vs guild battles but if youre looking for pve this game might not be for you. the mobs are just so easy to kill. the combat and graphics are pretty good so thats a plus.

  15. I think this change is to please those people that actually think that p2p and b2p games are actually better and have better community… but b2p and p2p are not synonymous of quality or no p2w cash shop, everyone but those “hipsters” knows that, and they will realize that after they buy this crap and stop playing in less than 3 months

    the fact is, history repeats itself, yet another generic game is trying to go b2p to make a few more bucks, and just like GW2, after a couple of months they will lose a good portion of the playerbase… but at least GW2 had something “different”, this game doesn’t, it will be forgotten just like GW2 was and will eventually go to a “f2p”-ish model so they can sell their expansion

    well, I wasn’t even excited about this game, it is just another generic game with good-ish combat, this won’t be enough for them to go b2p for too long… but who knows, publishers that go for b2p are too stubborn to accept that their game isn’t better than any other f2p game on the market, so they might act like funcom and die thinking that this payment model is awesome

    just saying………. xD

  16. Im glad they opted for the most balanced business model (B2P).
    Im more interested now than i was before.
    Lets hope they dont give the B2P model a bad reputation with a bad cash shop. Selling the game and maintaining it with a decent cash shop should be more than enough (its been proven to work better than F2P cash grabs anyway).

  17. You see, games that want to go P2P/B2P usually have alot of content to offer. Thats not the case of Black Desert though. Most of the PVE content is there only for you to farm it and offer almost no challenge/fun. The PVP on the other hand has stuff to offer, but is unbalanced towards itens enhancement and classes.
    Well, at least it will not become P2W like the F2P Korean version, I think.

  18. Lolol. Covers Guild wars 2 when it was b2p and secret world. It feels more personal that u dont want to cover it. Either afraid over coverage othersites (u have a point). Or u know its another “looks good. Sh itty korean game play.

  19. I’m happy with that, I think people tend to value more things when they actually have something to lose ,in the case here some cash. So if you like the game ,you buy It, fair enough.
    But i think you guys shouldn’t stop the headlines about BD for this reason.

  20. I heard this game is just like archage. But I can’t be certain because those that said it might of been angry nerds. I hope it doesn’t have micro transaction or some trash cash shop. If so, my MMORPG days are over. Any who, this might mean this game is actually good that they think they could sell it as a B2P? We will see.

    “Black Desert Online won’t be making many headlines here at MMOBomb anymore” You mad bro? This is a good thing it won’t have to be a this crappy site with a bunch of crappy F2P garbage nobody plays other then retards.

    Oh down vote me? You must be so powerful. Losers. xD

    • lmao.. you sir are a real smart person . it wont be making headlines on this site because this site is for… wait for it … free to play games !. see the problem fan-boy??? not free .. not on this site . or should I get some crayons and draw you a picture ? ffs and he calls us retards .

      • LMAO… You’re still retarded. You must be a 15 yr old boy easily upset by the slightest insult. Where in my comment does it say that this is not a “F2P” website that you have to give me a explanation that I don’t know this is a “F2P” site? And I quote. “This is a good thing it won’t have to be a this crappy site with a bunch of crappy F2P garbage nobody plays other then retards.” End quote. I was applying that since its going B2P it’s won’t have to be on this crappy site. Were it doesn’t belong because of the fact its going B2P. And its not complete garbage. Hopefully. Like most “F2P” games are today. But thanks for that. You’ve shown me not only retards are here but uneducated retards that can’t read because their overwhelm by their emotions a 5 year old could control better.

        • By the way, by the way is not a complete sentence. If you’re gonna insult someone based on their punctuation and grammar, you may want to make sure you’re correct first…

  21. Good to hear. I’d rather they label it as a buy to play rather than a free to play with a founder pack.

    Keeping it simple and avoiding trendy new marketing traps is a plus in my book. Now it comes down to their dedication on maintaining the game and avoiding an Archeage launch.

  22. finnaly something smart, they wont ruin the game with p2w crap in the cash shop, instead its just costumes and crap like gw2 , its much better than the f2p crap thats not f2p

  23. Interesting. But really, what is the difference between today’s Founders Packs with stupid pricing in an extended beta period and a B2P model?

    Think that grey area is smaller than we think.


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