Black Desert Online’s Latest Console Update Adds Crystal Presets And Changes To Node And Conquest

The Twins are available on both mobile and PC now too.

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Black Desert Online Update Twins

Pearly Abyss dropped the latest update for Black Desert Online today – not only giving players on both PC and mobile devices access to the twins Woosa and Maegu, but also introducing Crystal Presets on consoles.

The new Crystal Preset system allows players to activate crystal effects via a different UI and eliminates the need to transfuse them to gear individually. Registering presets requires summoning the Black Spirit in order to access the Transfusion button. From there, players can select the crystals they want to register from their inventory. Of course, that’s the basics. There’s a lot more happening with this new system and the best way to understand all of it is to read the patch notes.

The update also kicks off the Winter Season Graduation event with a quest for obtaining another Fughar’s Timepiece. Taking part in the event between now and the end of the season will also earn players a selection of rewards via two boxes – the Narchillan Gear Box and the Gift Box Full of Memories.

As for other additions in this update, players can expect movement adjustments, the addition of sailing XP for traveling in coastal waters, and an adjusted magic crystal max price on the central market. Full details are available in the Patch notes.

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