Perfect World Entertainment announced the official release of Blacklight: Retribution. The premiere first-person shooter has completed its extremely successful beta testing and is now a live free-to-play game.

Building upon Zombie Studios’ predecessor, Tango Down, Blacklight: Retribution provides FPS enthusiasts with a new standard for free-to-play games by fully utilizing Unreal 3 technology and implementing Direct X 11 to provide cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.

Perfect World has also released an infographic detailing various in-game achievements made throughout the beta period. Some fun statistics from the infographic include:

•    14 Million Minutes Played
•    280 Million Shots Fired
•    13 Million Agents K.I.A.
•    494 Million Combat Points Spent
•    21 Million GP Earned
•    1.3 Million Headshots
•    300,000 Melee Kills
•    255639 Flags Capped
•    40 Countries Represented

Blacklight: Retribution fans can expect to strap on their combat helmets tighter than ever before with two upcoming game modes and supporting maps going live shortly after launch. Capture, control and hold areas of a highly hazardous oil rig and pilot a Scorpion Tank through a twisting path of carnage in an experimental weapons facility. Both the new game modes, Netwar and Siege, blend acute team strategy and crafty combat prowess in a heart-pounding race to annihilate or be annihilated.

Anyone can download and begin playing Blacklight: Retribution by visiting:


  1. I stopped playing the game after 2 days. Why? Just totally unbalanced. With real money (Zen), you can buy the most powerful weapon available, even if you’re at level 1.

  2. I think on the forum they said its tomorrow. They changed it or something, and there is a upcoming patch too. I hope it fixed the infinite loading screen bug, I literally can’t play any matches with that. I can play tutorial, but what fun is jump around randomly tossing grenades at self fun? LOL….

    • After the release I still can’t join matches, same thing happens. I give up on this game. I been posting on their forum and checking for solutions still nothing, No more tossing grenades at myself, I wasted enough time here, moving on.

  3. 1. Question this game still beta or the game is now playable?
    2. If the game is in beta when became playable?
    3. Only american servers (IP block for europeans)?

    • Did you even watch the video or read the stats in the text, or even the name of the company?

      “40 Countries Represented”
      There are only 59 countries in the entire western hemisphere, I’m pretty sure that it’s not “Only american servers”

      Hint: Perfect World International

      • Dont be a fckin annoying angry cube ok?
        I just had a few questions and waiting for the answers. 40 Countries Represented yea thx wich 40 countries? – .-

  4. I thought it was supposed to be tomorrow wasn’t it MMOBomb? Or was it scheduled later and they finished earlier than expected? Anyway, glad it’s up and running live now.


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