What should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone is news that Blade & Soul will be offering Founder’s Packs for sale in anticipation of its launch. While we already knew that Blade & Soul’s Western release was slated for Winter, the window gets a little smaller today as NCSoft revealed that the free to play MMORPG will release in Q1 of 2016.

Blade & Soul will offer 3 different Founder’s Packs to North American and European players. Price points are $24.99, $74.99, and $124.99 with all three price points including full closed beta access and a 3 day head start come launch time. The two higher priced packs also come with extra in game items, cash shop currency and varying amounts of Premium Membership.

“We have been hard at work to bring Blade & Soul to North American and European players, and today’s announcement brings us one step closer to our Closed Beta Test this Fall,” said Nicolas Coutant, producer at NCSOFT West. “Our Founder’s Packs offer players meaningful bonuses and extras that will enhance their experience with the game before launch and well beyond.”

You can view the contents of each Founder’s Pack here and if you buy one be sure to comment here on which one you bought and why.

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  1. The only thing this game has going for itself is the PVP, the PVE is bland, so for everyone saying this will kill all the other mmos in NA or EU; it won’t. A true killer needs a good balance of both PVE and PVP.

  2. the items are so bad for founders its a joke.
    the game is 2 years + old the company didnt bother taking that into consideration when pricing founders?

    they do realize thanks to them releasing the english version i already see so many private english servers popping up …

    well all i will say is its not worth buying founders imo

    ppl who pay its ur money i wont judge but a word of advice Stay away from those packs!

  3. “We have been hard at work to bring Blade & Soul to North American and European players, and today’s announcement brings us one step closer to our Closed Beta Test this Fall,” rly? working hard the game if out since 2012 working hard 3 years doesnt look like it

    ps: dont get me wrong i`m still gonna play the sh@t out of it

    • It took this long because they were trying to give Wildstar a chance in NA and EU. Notice how Wildstar F2P was announced almost the same time the BnS “Western” release was. That wasn’t a coincidence.

      Of course I’m not giving them an excuse. They teased everyone for far too long, and everyone has suffered for it. That said, I’m also going to still play the sh@t out of it.

      • The only coincidence here is that NCsoft needs some cash and saw the right opportunity.
        And as you guys do, I will also play the sh@t out of it, might even pick a founders pack.

  4. u are stupid to think its too late to realease it for us … this mmo will simply kill all mmos that are out right now in eu and na since they are all shit, and MAYBE … when BD comes it will be better than BnS

    • Have you ever played BnS before? Black Desert is a ghost town right now, just do remember that every country has its own market, in EU and NA more people play for competitive gaming, this game is just an example of quest line grind, i mean you can’t level up by killing random monsters or farm for that matter, its already emptied out in China, BnS was supposed to be released way back, if you want to play a better game go join FFIV or Wildstar for a great gaming experience rather than this, Black Desert sucks btw, it just looks great and all but once you play it till level 20 it really really sucks bad.

      P.S. Koreans and Japanese tend to play more and stick to a game than most people, so if there’s no Asian community on an Asian game, its most likely going to die out in a few years.

      • WILDSTAR??!? HAHAH that game has the most boring lvling up grind i have ever experienced that game is so dead you won’t even find 10 people in the same area

        • Most games with subs offer far more content and completely reliable updates. They also have far longer longevity than F2P titles. What’s interesting, is that people on average actually pay MORE in a F2P title than they do with P2P title due to the constant barrage of microtransactions.

          That said, if a game is good, it deserves your money, whether it’s microtransactions or subs. Don’t hate on people who can afford to enjoy a game you can’t.

    • BnS wait too long released, there are other mmo much better in every aspect in the market right now like black desert (that will come to NA for when bns finish its beta), besides since bns was announced many mmo with same tematic appeared (ok, all they sucked) but make the topic feel old already…

  5. I can see why most people would be scared of buying a founders pack due to the fact that there is a chance NCsoft will money grab and take every dime from you. For example ArcheAge which was suppose to be a great game but was a total failure due to the greedy company. However you all complain about B&S being released after so many years. But the fact is, that is how most games are from Korea or Japan. They usually take 1-2+ years to come to America. As a B&S fan i bought a founders pack and will be happy to play the game on official Western servers. I think it’s great even though it is a couple years old does not mean it is not fun, or that new content will not be added.

  6. Game is about 4 years old already. Real fans have already played it on the Russian private server and China. NCSucks is looking for a cash grab

  7. This game is already available to play on Russian serves… Regarding funder pack i could get one 2 years ago as now this game is old crap

    • Archage is a new game and no one knew how well or how bad it was going to be. B&S has been tried and tested in 4 countries and has done well for itself in all of them. You can be sure it’s going to do well here as well.

  8. one of the few games I’d actually buy a Founder’s Pack for. 125$ is a bit pricey but top end Marvel Heroes was what, 200? Archeage 150?

    • Founders pack is made for a game that’s brand new, this one is old, and i promise you any item that they will give in the founders pack is like a FREE item in KR and China, its on their website attendance or mini games, those items are free and they are placing it on a founders pack LOL.

      • Is there a rule that says founder packs are only made for new games? Do you have any proof that the items given in the pack is available freely in other regions or are you just here to spout BS?

        Founder packs is a way for them to gauge interest in the game. It’s already succeeded in 4 countries and people in the west are looking forward to it. Yes it should have been released a lot sooner. But B&S is still a great game that is constantly being updated.

        Those people who played it in other regions with very high ping I’m sure will be very happy to play with friends in their own region with low ping.

  9. AGREED! This game was hot news 2 years ago, now its old news.. and ofcoarse, even tho its old as hell, they are still going to do the PAY TO PLAY alpha/beta crap.. like its some type of new, never seen before game.. trying to squeeze every penny they can from everyone BEFORE it is even availible to be played.. This PAY TO PLAY until the game has lost its hype, THEN going FREE TO PLAY is a gaming model that is getting WAY OUT OF HAND!!! did you see those pack prices?!?! 75$ and 125$ ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY?!?! THIS GAME IS OVER 2 YEARS OLD

    • You DO know that they will be inviting people to their closed betas don’t you? I mean if you think this game is going to be pay to win, by all means don’t play but otherwise don’t assume that it’s going to be a paid only closed beta cause so many other games did the same thing they are doing.

      Get your facts straight before you talk shit about a company and a game you never even played for.

    • The irony is, you’re probably paying for some old games right now too. They do have lower prices, and sending out keys. I don’t think you know how that tactic works, H1Z1 would be like that, just squeezing every drop until it’s all gone and they let it go free to play .

  10. I was hyped about this game, but it took them too damn long to release and the kr and jp versions of the game turned out somewhat p2w. Western version will very likely follow the same path.

    Thanks, but no thanks.


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