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Blade & Soul Gets In On The "Classic" Fun With A Teaser For "Blade & Soul Neo Classic"

Details are sparce, but there's already an NA site up, at least!

By Michael Byrne - 13 hours ago
NCSoft G-Star Stream Offered A Look At Throne & Liberty’s PvE Progress And UI & Skill Changes

The hour-long stream includes everything from UI to dungeons.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 1 week ago
Always Online Podcast: Warcraft Adds Duty Support But Why Are Pantheon & Ubisoft Dropping Things? Ep 497

About-facing, dropping esports, and poaching things from other games...wild week in multiplayer gaming!

By Michael Byrne - 1 week ago
NCSoft Highlights Global Lineup At G-Star 2023, Including A Shiny New Throne And Liberty Trailer Ahead Of Its Showcase

Included are an MMO shooter, a new entry in the Blade & Soul universe, and more.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 1 week ago
NCSoft Financials Continue Their Downward Trend In Q3 2023, But Some PC MMOs Are Doing Well

NCSoft's mobile games take a nosedive.

By Troy Blackburn - 2 weeks ago
Throne And Liberty Preps PvE Showcase For G-Star And Addresses P2W Concerns Again

G-Star will focus on showcasing more PvE than the "Showcase" stream did.

By Michael Byrne - 2 weeks ago
New Stream Gives Future Plans As Throne And Liberty Announces Launch In Korea December 7

Pre-registration is open now.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 3 weeks ago
NCSoft Is Apparently Not Implementing Gacha Monetization In Throne And Liberty

A report said that the game won't have loot boxes but rather battle passes and subscriptions.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 4 weeks ago
Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure First Content Update "Through the Veil" Brings New Group Content "Convergences"

Players will confront the Kryptis on their native grounds, experiencing fresh encounters and earning new rewards.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 1 month ago
The Global Beta Test For NCSoft’s F2P Action Brawler Battle Crush Is Under Way

The test is available in twenty-five countries.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 1 month ago
As Korean Release Approaches, Throne And Liberty To Showcase Big Changes November 2nd

The wait is almost over to see what changes Throne and Liberty is making.

By Troy Blackburn - 1 month ago
Update 2.4, Stormwing’s Revenge, Is Coming To Aion Classic EU "Soon"

Explore the Liberated Beshmundir Temple and defeat your foes in the new PvP instance.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 1 month ago
New Letter From Throne And Liberty Producer Shows Off Never-Before-Seen Bosses And Areas

I can't even front...this stuff looks incredible.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 2 months ago
NCSoft Announces Global Closed Beta For 30-Player Action Battle Brawler, Battle Crush

The game was part of today’s Nintendo Direct showcase.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 2 months ago
Throne and Liberty Combat No Longer "Static" Says Producer In New Letter, Reveals Gameplay Preview Of Changes

That's right. Attacks are now allowed while moving. Such innovation.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 2 months ago
Throne And Liberty To Kick Off "Confidential" Test, But Gamescom Reactions Are Still Lukewarm

The test itself isn't a secret, but the thoughts of players will be, for now.

By Michael Byrne - 2 months ago
Throne And Liberty Interview Highlights Interesting Changes, Including Autoplay Being Disabled...For Now

PvP can be avoided and autoplay is disabled in the West… for now, at least.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 3 months ago
Blade And Soul's July Content Update Goes Live Today, Featuring The Chaos Avalanche Den

There’s also the Soul Boost Plus, Dropscotch, and Fortune's Favor events, plus a new Battle Pass season.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 4 months ago
See 24 Minutes Of Throne & Liberty On Xbox And The Team Discusses Combat And The Impact Of Testing

Feedback on progression and combat are being taken seriously.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 4 months ago
"Carbine Broke Me": WildStar's Design Director Explains Why He Had To Quit Before The MMORPG Launched

No one wants to work in a hostile environment.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 4 months ago
Sony Reportedly Seeking Partnerships With Korean Game Developers Like Pearl Abyss and NCSoft

The move could be a response to Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 4 months ago
Is It An MMO? #10 — Throne And Liberty May Say It's An MMO, But It's Just A Mobile Game On PC

Astral Hunting is the worst feature to ever exist in a game.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 5 months ago
Final Fantasy XIV Twitter Sweepstakes Giving Away Flying Cumulus Seed Mounts

There will be 2,800 winners each month through August.

By Troy Blackburn - 5 months ago
NCSoft Celebrates Lineage II’s 19th Anniversary With The Paradise Festival Events

There’s something for everyone from old players to new.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 5 months ago
As Throne And Liberty Beta Starts, NCSOFT Looks Back On 25 Years Of MMORPGs

From Lineage to Throne and Liberty.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 6 months ago
Demonsbane Dungeon And Equip Recommendations In Blade & Soul's New Update Skysong Isles, Live Today

Players can take on a new dungeon, participate in the Lucky event, progress the fresh Battle Pass, and more.

By Matthew D'Onofrio - 6 months ago
NC Soft Confirms Throne And Liberty Delay During Q1 2023 Earnings Report

Sales are down, and Throne And Liberty delay is confirmed.

By Troy Blackburn - 6 months ago
Throne And Liberty Targeting May Closed Beta And October Simultaneous Global Release

Specific dates are expected in the NCSoft 1st quarter earnings report.

By Michael Byrne - 7 months ago