NCSoft announced Blade & Soul’s latest class at G-Star over the weekend. The Gunslinger is the game’s 10th class and will be part of an update increasing the game’s level cap to 55. The update also adds a training ground, more zones, and additional storyline.

At the moment, the update’s tentative launch date is December 14th — just in time for Christmas vacation.

As an additional bit of news, NCSoft also announced that Blade & Soul will be making the transition from a subscription to a free-to-play game in Korea.

As with most class announcements, a new trailer highlighting the Gunslinger’s abilities — as well as other things you can look forward to in the future — has been released. You can view it above.

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  1. I know right? Where’s the old dark age/victorian looks for games where everything is downright dirty and you have to crawl in your underpants and fight things with a toothpick that you have to upgrade to have a shot. Oh wait that’s just for console or single player.

  2. Sigh.
    Always gunslingers or scythe/giant a$$ sword wielding lolis… always the same.. invent something new already you imagination-less suckers. I’m so bored of this i could cry a fkin’ ocean.

    • try to come up with something orginal that hasn’t been done before, you wouldn’t be able to if you tried, it’s as they say, there are no new original ideas anymore


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