As Bless‘ development team continues to rework the game, potential players in the Western audience are still clamoring to get any info they can on what the final product will be. The good news is that Neowiz has been pretty open for interviews lately — particularly Bless’ Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon, who was most recently interviewed by Wccftech.

As can be expected with any developer interview, there were some pretty vague answers, but we do have a few more actual bits of real information. The most important bit right now is that the developers are planning a 6 month Early Access period that will also function as a soft launch. EA players don’t have to worry about their characters being wiped before launch.

Among the other bits of information is that in order to avoid at least some of the grind, the leveling content is focused on questing, story, and dungeons. Of course, what this really means is that that players will be avoiding the mob grind in favor of these grinds.

It’s also noted in the interview that there are currently not plans to region lock the game — other than what might be required by certain publishers. Player trading without an auction house is still being looked at, housing is on the the horizon, and — as is often stated by devs early on — there’s a promise that pay-to-win won’t happen.

If you’d like to check out the interview in full, pop over to Wccftech’s site.

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  1. A game with such wierd developement like : first start in Rusia and Asia then its shoot down after less then 5 months then early acess/open beta show of on other continents then agai they take it dow for “reworking some feature”, is not enspireing me to play it. I’m sorry but this mmo don’t show trust and feature investment with it … like someone above me say “Arcage vibes” … lets see if they can make it better then what reality show us ! We will see 🙂

    • Aye, it’s been shaky to say the least. Given how much faffing around they’ve done, I think most people will have lost interest by the time it’s released properly.

  2. Could be wrong but there is no set payment model atm. But they mentiond possibly B2P. Which means you would have to buy the game to play it anyways. Either now for EA or in 6 months.

    • That would make no sense… cause if it’s B2P, might as well just say Early Access for all with no wipe.

      Why bother saying Early Access for 6 month?

      Only reason would mean after 6 month it would be open to All. The same as how Dauntless and Fornite (non-BR) is going. Except Dauntless is crap and most of their players moved to Monster Hunter World already, and no one really plays original Fornite, everyone just plays the BR version…

      This suggests you have to pay (like a founder pack) to get into Early Access before it opens up to everyone as Free after 6 months. This type of model sucks and is almost guaranteed it’s done as a Greed tactic to milk some money before the game goes down the drain and dies.

  3. Its gonna fail again, 6 months this game will be active before its open to everyone. I don’t even think the EA will last 6 months with the poor turnout.

  4. You decide to have a 6 months EA with no wipe when the game officially launches and still have the nerve to say that there will be no pay-to-win in the game?
    Either the game will have a really slow pace in grinding levels and gears(which turn off a lot of players ) or whoever pays for EA will be the overlords of the game when it launches.
    When the game finally launches, all farming areas will have already been divided and camped by max level characters with the best gear.
    F2P with no P2W my ass … bet there will be some sort of VIP Club(subscription) that allows players to teleport for free and have extra inventory and mobile shop but … HEY! we are not selling gear so we are not P2W!!!

    • A P2P game that went F2P and an F2P game with 6 months EA with no wipe are completely different.
      The first case the game never intended to go F2P in the first place and all the players had the same starting point as all of them were required to pay.
      P2W, in general, refers to when you pay in order to get an “unfair” advantage against other players; and to be able to start playing 6 months earlier is an unfair advantage.
      The main problem is that Bless is scheduled to be released as an F2P game and will not follow the model of P2P-fail-F2P.

      • Well that’s not really a P2W situation. There is nothing different then the people who start 6 months earlier, sure okay they had 6 months of play time, yet all the items can be obtained for those players as well… Kinda in anvalid point you have there. Time is nothing P2W, Tree of savior did the same thing with 3 weeks head start, yet the only difference is that they have a higher level, which you can get as well if you play for 6 months

        • LUL, there’s a HUGE difference between 3 week and 6 month…

          Also, saying you can get from playing 6 month after means shit, how about thinking of those Early Access players? unless the game doesn’t update anything for 6 month, those EA players will still be 6 month ahead of content.

          ___ ___ ___

          There’s a reason why games that comes out on different platforms rarely do cross-platforms. Such as Monster Hunter World, the PC is delayed by 8 month, they decide to make the game non-cross-platform (even tho it’s already been proven by countless games you can make Console and PC cross-platform easily) as to prevent things like this, this ensure everyone starts out on the same foot in term of gameplay.

          And the reason why most games tends to wipe after Alpha, Early Access and Close Beta. To give a fair advantage to everyone after Open Beta and Launch.

  5. Yea… no P2W they say…

    Except for the fact that article says Early Access players have a 6 month head start WITHOUT wipe… meaning they technically already ahead by 6 month compared to all other players.

    Not P2W at all… sure… just have to disable PvP for another 6 month so regular players can catch up. LUL (EA bought 6 month of gear up time)

    Dropping this game even before it starts… no wonder it died off in Development and had to relaunch on Steam, Cash Grab Game.

    • So with that logic…. you would only play an MMORPG if it’s from day 1 launch? Never gonna start playing an MMORPG that has been out for a while because there are always going to be people with better gear?…. Not on that train, but hey, I’m more a PvE player.

      • Exactly. No matter how much money and time you throw into a game, there is always somebody with more of both.
        I’m the same. Purely PvE in practically every game. Unless by some miracle the PvP is completely fair (which it never is anyhow lol).

  6. Basically – the only way to get money from this trash game.
    Devs now: “You know guys…we’re going to release Bless…Again…Somewhat in an uncertain future, but no worries! Purchase Early Access and play before we make it playable”
    Release day finally came:
    Players: “What…the….fuck…it same…no,wait…it’s even WORSE!!!”
    Typical KR marketing strategy (^_o)/ Believe me or not, that’s up to everyone. You’ll spend your money and time on it anyways 😛

  7. Of course ” no p2w” but if u don’t want to buy the EA access u have to wait freaking SIX months… Do u guys know what 6 months of farming brings!?!?

    when it becomes f2p truly u will join a full blast economy where u cant make a profit by “being skilled and investing a lot of time first week”… eh not like any game will drop this sneaky way of milking money…


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