Another elite dungeon is on its way to Bless Online. This time, it’s the Sapiens Mausoleum getting the hard-mode treatment, opening for business on Jan. 9. Once that happens, groups of five level 50 players will be able to take it on, entering via the Wise One’s Ruins in the Elemental Forest and challenging Liche Tiberius. For their efforts, players can receive crafting materials, rare spirits, a legendary helmet, and more.

Also coming to Bless on Wednesday is the Basel Gorge Certificate of Valor event, which rewards players with certificates when they defeat monsters in Basel Gorge. Those certificates can then be redeemed for various gift boxes, which can contain buff effect foods, weapon skins, temporary flying mounts, or enhancement materials. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to spend some of your Christmas money, you can take advantage of some new cosmetic items in the Special Currency Shop, including — apparently for the first time — hats! I hear those are a big deal in some games.

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