Neowiz Games’ MMO Bless online is finally coming to Europe and North America, according to a post on Bless-Source. According to the post, the developer is in the final stages of contract negotiations with Western publishers.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on exactly who the publisher will be or when the game will make it over to these regions as of yet. Since Neowiz is still hammering out the details with the publishers, the other bit of information that is still hanging in the air is how the game will be monitized in the West. Currently, the Korean version is free-to-play, so players are hoping for the same.

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  1. Todoran on February 10, 2016

    system req to high for this crapy graphics…. nothing good …. pvp end game…. tab target,,,, why the hype…. the game is shit!

  2. Krucible on February 6, 2016

    Trion is in the same boat as Perfect World Entertainment for me, P2W cash grabs. I refuse to play anything from them anymore, especially with their recent changes to Trove AND Rift. Trove at least was something I liked wasting time on, with their changes to cubits and the class costs..not so much.

  3. James on February 6, 2016

    I hope Square-Enix uses its power of attorney, as the character designs are a blatant rip off Final Fantasy XIV. It’s bad enough there’s an over abundance of MMOs right now, but when you have to rip off Final Fantasy you are asking for a lawsuit. I hope and pray Square sues them.

    • Finalfantasysucks on February 7, 2016

      you sir… are an idiot…. for one alot of games have the same char design and this game looks awesome.

    • LAMBDA471 on February 9, 2016

      Right now all browsers have tabs on top and a simplified interface after Chrome was released, should Google be suing every other company?
      Also, all the smartphones today look like the first iPhone, should Apple be suing all other companies?

      You are going way over your head, who cares what they look like, if the game is fine, people will play it, if it’s not they won’t.

      Blade & Soul has oversexualized female characters and some furry freak children character, even though, people are still playing it.

  4. tralala on February 6, 2016

    Asians are brainless, rarely someone not asian going to play these copy/paste games, ugly pokemon faces, baloon like mobs and naked kids with huge boobs in every, make medieval europe characters without these uglu baloon like mobs and kid faces with booobs for success.

    • james on February 6, 2016

      LOLz im sorry but western copys and paste games. In other hand bless, black desert, and archeage are the leading games

      • Todoran on February 10, 2016

        you are an idiots those games are not made by the west u morron! and they are played by idiots like yourself

    • MarcusPrime on February 6, 2016

      “Asians are Brainless” only a brainless will say this.

      “All the rest of the brainless comment”
      seriously? Coz when i check the list of games and their origin, almost everything came from Asian countries and others, and a few western made games. Well, guess what? Your western daddy is busy doing some kawaii cosplay! wahahaha

      Remember…. There is always an Asian school girl better than you.

  5. James ZA'MURO on February 5, 2016

    Doesn’t matter who get’s it, same results as always.
    One way or another they’re going to ʞɔnɟ it up.

  6. James on February 5, 2016

    I think Trion Worlds should publish Bless Online in the West.

    • firelordzx on February 5, 2016

      After the Fiasco of Acheage and how they are handling Rift now?

      Tell me that you are trolling

      • James on February 5, 2016

        I am not trolling. I am a big fan of Trion Worlds. I have played all the games Trion Worlds has released. I mostly play rift. But I truly believe that Trion Worlds would make a great publisher for Bless Online.

        • Commander on February 6, 2016

          I am a big fan of Aeria Games then.I truly believe that they will be a great publisher of Bless Online.”troll”
          In short:Just no,please.That company it’s good only at taking money(which is what a good company need to do to be strong)but they lack support and they are not fair.I don’t want new games that appear to be taken hostage by Trion.

          In blah blah:Trion have a record of and it’s long.Oh and don’t forget for another cheap 20$ u can be patron so u can enjoy the game better.Well f.u.
          “But we pay to support our beloved company”.
          Well i already support by buying stuff from that stupid p2w shop.I don’t need to pay extra monthly for a f2p game.They want you to think oh but it’s optional but it’s not.They force you to buy it without you noticing.Best example(Archeage).

          I miss the “buy that fashion it’s awesome,mount waw,xp boost(well i don’t have all day long to play so…),changed how my skills look waw i definitely pay for that, maybe new animations?. Nice community, no seen hakers,nice and fair items in store maybe good support.I like that they are fair i support them.

          Now it’s like buy that to have more loot,buy that to place a house in game, have infinite labor,to remove the ah fees,to have more rewards,to teleport faster,buy that to be able to poop gold”joke”. For cheap price of 20$ a month.
          I wonder if i pay more the stronger i get(pays 2000$a few days later wow max lvl ultra duper items haha feel my wrath nubs.Well f..dat going to play some other games.Even your mentality changes and try to put more and more money into the game so u cannot leave.
          In the end u will pay real money to be better in a virtual game”some of us like that”.Not to pay real money to enjoy the game,compete with others so u can be the best”not with money” but with actually playing that game and be got at it “that feel is awesome”
          So this is what i think of Trion Fans, bunch of kids who only know paying is better,not competing.
          When u see f2p games with patron go away and play p2pgames or sub games if u like to pay.Better choice,community and maybe gameplay(got bored of gw2) but the money i pay worth it.
          That’s my story the end.

          • James on February 6, 2016

            Like I said before I am a big fan Of Trion Worlds. There games are so fun. The only game I have spent money to play in was rift. I did subscribe To rift when it only had a monthly fee. I only had to contact customer support once for Rift and they where really helpful. In my opinion Trion worlds never screwed up any of their games.

        • grimsbane on February 7, 2016

          I wouldn’t call Trion a great company altho the games are good, however with Trions recent moves that keeping on screwing over there f2p base, by ruining the quality of there games by taking away features from f2p. So lets start Trove no longer going to be able to buy classes with cubits, and certain new features may be locked behind a pay wall. Let’s see Rift, turning into a p2w game can literally buy your way to success with a credit card now, certain pieces of gear behind a pay wall, some features soon to be removed from f2p such as rested xp which is a major one. Archeage a complete blowout failure as the cash shop is p2w, along with many fiasco’s when it comes to there servers. So overall in the past year Trion went from a good company to one who threw everything down the drain and is now trying everything they can to stay afloat. Here’s a wake up call to them maybe if they would get rid of the pay 2 win factor, then they would get more people to idk say play and or sub up.

    • Todoran on February 6, 2016

      you are a retard!

    • tralala on February 6, 2016

      Yes, all shit should go to trion

  7. Za'Muro on February 5, 2016

    its a nice game