Neowiz is anxious to get Bless up and running on Steam, but there’s still work to do before that happens. That being said, they wanted to answer players’ questions about what’s being done to get to that point. Yesterday, they posted the first ever “Dev Talk” on the game’s Steam page, answering player’s question.

To be sure they get all the right answers, they’ve posted an interview with Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon, which you can read on the Steam page. What we have here is a bit of a tl;dr.

Overall, the development team plans to fix problems that have been identified via the community or focus groups before heading into Steam Early Access. The goal is to effectively make sure the game is playable before people start jumping into it. That said, they do want to get into Early Access as soon as possible. So, expect some hiccups once it launches.

Items that are currently being worked on include general optimization, combat fixes, and UI tweaks. Combat is recieving the most attention since it makes up the bulk of Bless’s gameplay. According to the post, players will be presented with the “new Bless” featuring these improvements when the game is unveiled on Steam.

Unfortunately, the post did not reveal when players can expect Bless to arrive on Steam. Rather, it asks that players continue to be patient while they get everything worked out. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. As it’s being launched on Steam, I actually hope they’ll let you open multi-launchers for ppls that wants to make Mules (which you can do in most other non-Steam launcher games)

    • Because if they say for example May the 12th and they miss it due to unexpected issues, this will give them a bad name and the community will probably call them liars or something, so it’s better to save face and not announce a date unless they are 120% sure that they can make it.

      • exactly… one of the first things i learnt in my line of work…never give a date..if you have to, give one which gives you alot of wiggle room, so that when you inevitably produce results before said date, it leaves a better taste in the mouths of those waiting


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