Technically starting on June 30th, Blizzard Entertainment will be holding a months long Diablo themed event called “Eternal Conflict” in their free to play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. Unofficially, the event has already started with the inclusion of Johanna the Crusader from Diablo 3 in the character roster.

“This is something the players have been asking for,” added Alan Dabiri, technical director on Heroes of the Storm. “Up until now, we’ve had all these different battlegrounds, but they haven’t been in our Blizzard universe. This is the first opportunity for players to see one of their favorite game worlds… and we’ll keep doing that.”

Eternal Conflict will add the previously teased “Heaven and Hell” battleground designed around the 4th Act from Diablo 3. This smaller map forces multiple choke points and ambush points and encourages players to engage in epic battles against Immortals and other players. If your team’s Immortal stays alive, they’ll join your team in combat against the opposing team.

Starting with the melee fighter, The Butcher (releasing in a few weeks), Blizzard plans to also release Heroes on a more frequent timetable. While Diablo will be the main focus over the next few months, expect Blizzard to cycle through other long running IPs after that.

Check out Blizzard’s page for a full video reveal and a special video showcasing The Butcher’s skills in action.

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  1. We all know that Heroes of the Storm is guna dominate the moba industry
    simply because blizzard makes masterpieces!!

    watch them stupid copycat LoL and Dota playerbase shrink till everyone forgets they even existed!

  2. Brainless repetetive one map faking moba for poor asian belieevers who live in this map in dreams to win in competition, what other ideot will place this copy paste shit looking crap!

    • This game has like 7 maps from the top of my head. Its probably the most original moba out there due to the focus on objectives. Also there is no gold so the game is also focused on teamfights all day. So bashing this game without educating yourself, shame.

  3. A true gamer no longer cares about p2w mobas which are made in less than a year, at least put more work into your games…

    • Omg you are a big time retard hahaha.Have you even did a bit of research before you posted that?

      HoTS was being developed by blizzard from over 3 years or even more.

      • Yet nothing more than a blizzard-made cash grab. I wonder why they didn’t make this p2p. And I didn’t offend anyone so YOU HAVEN’T GOT ANY RIGHT TO CALL ME A RETARD.
        Caps lock is because you won’t probably read the whole comment.

        • Your comments are nearly 3-5 lines so why I cant’ I read them?

          As for calling you a retard because you the one posting anything on your mind without having facts and research.Only a mental would do that.

          How come its cash grab? Its grindy yeah but one can easily unlock 10 heroes when he hits lvl 40 without paying a cent.

          And I dont find any hero which makes the game pay 2 win.One hero cannot kill 5 man team solo so stop writing such nuisance.

          • Ok I might have been wrong with this game but what about the other MOBAs? They are so many that I can’t even breathe…

  4. MMObomb is a website I’m quite fond off. The work you guys put into it is praiseworthy. But I find it pretty intriguing that a random event of HotS can make it to your news and not the massive engine change that’s coming to DOTA 2. ‘Dota 2 Reborn’ beta is already here. A new engine, a new UI, Enabling user made custom games, custom maps, and a whole bunch of performance improvements and that doesn’t make the news? LoL and Smite seem to make news simply by introducing new heroes.

    • Its not just some event. It introduces a whole new battleground and 3 new heroes. However it doesnt make your statement less valid, there should be a big post about dota 2 ( maybe they are working on it but its a very long post?).


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