UPDATE: In light of the SNAFU, Blizzard decided to go ahead and make the announcement official including the original video. We have replaced the original article’s video below with the officially released video.

In what’s probably being classified as a big “whoops” — and leading to some poor social media employee getting a stern talking-to — the reveal video for the next Hearthstone expansion briefly went live on YouTube today before being swiftly taken offline. An announcement is scheduled for July 23, which is probably the proper reveal date, but news outlets are already reporting on the video and the forbidden secrets revealed within.

The title of the expansion is The Boomsday Project, and it has a strong “mad science” vibe, with nefarious legendary minion Dr. Boom at its head. The new keyword, Magnetic, allows you to fuse a minion with that keyword with a mech you have on the board to add to the mech’s attack, health, and abilities. So it’s a little like giving you a choice between a minion and a special mech-only buff.

There’s also a new type of spell card, projects, which have powerful effects that help both you and your opponent, and a new set of cards that have bonus effects when you have 10 mana crystals. Legendary spells are also in the mix, because Hearthstone doesn’t have nearly enough legendary cards to try and collect.

Someone did manage to capture the video trailer for the set before it was removed. You an view it at this link or below, at least until Blizzard gets it removed.

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  1. this is meant to be released cuz if its not then the fault doesn’t lie on the one that uploaded or leaked it, the fault lies on the one that needs to recall it as fast as they can lol.


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