Two new heroes are coming to Heroes of the Storm, and we get to try and guess who they are. Rather than just revealing the new characters, Blizzard released a voice-only teaser on Twitter.

As of now, the Blizzard fan base seems pretty confident the female voice is the female wizard from Diablo III. The male voice is still up for debate, with everyone guessing popular characters like Vol’Jin, Garonna, and Medivh.

Reddit is currently in full motion, working on figuring out who the second character is with the aid of a secondary teaser: some recently released concept art. The image teases several new characters, some of which are easily identifiable. In fact, the Diablo III Wizard is already visible in the image. Also identifiable is Tracer’s weapon. Currently, Reddit seems to be concentrating on the wavy dagger in the ground on the left — speculating that it couild either indicate Van Cleef or the Diablo II Necromancer.

A smaller version of the image can be seen below; if you’d like a larger version to scan for clues, you can click here.