If you’re a Heroes of the Storm — and World of Warcraft and Overwatch — fan, Blizzard’s got a lot planned for you in the coming months, some as soon as in two weeks.

A new heroes’ brawl, Blackheart’s Revenge, will be the first asymmetric brawl in HotS, offering classic attack/defend-style gameplay. Only one team has a core, and it’s up to them to protect it from the other team’s attacks, some via the ground, and some via the sea. It’ll hit live servers the week of Nov. 15.

Two new heroes are also coming to the game soon-ish, both hailing from the World of Warcraft. Varian Wrynn is HotS’ first multi-class character, able to play as a shield-bearing warrior or dangerous assassin, while Ragnaros brings “larger-than-life abilities” to the Nexus, such as the ability to incinerate an entire lane of minions or take over a fort and essentially become a raid boss. Varian goes live in the game the same week of Nov. 15, while Ragnaros is planned for a December launch.

Finally, there’s the Nexus Challenge, an upcoming event that lets you and a friend take on all comers in HotS for fun and prizes, both in Heroes of the Storm and other Blizzard games. Play 15 games together to get an Oni Genji skin, spray, and player icon in Overwatch, as well as Zarya and the Oni Genji Portrait in Heroes of the Storm. Play 30 games for an Orochi Hovercycle mount for Heroes of the Storm, and a 30-Day Stimpack. The Nexus Challenge runs from Nov. 15 to Jan. 4.

You can learn more about all the new stuff on the Heroes of the Storm website, including details on the 2017 Global Championships, and if there’s any more big HotS-related news coming out of BlizzCon, we’ll report it here!


  1. I sometimes question why blizzard is in the gaming industry. They seem like they would be awesome in the filming/movie industry with the time and effort they put in these trailers. I just wish alot of devs put more time and effort into the game development as the time they put into these trailers they make.

    • I actually thought they got help from disney with the overwatch clips I was suprised when I found out blizzard did it themselves. I wouldn’t mind seeing an overwatch movie sometime in the near future since they managed to make a world of warcraft themed movie.

  2. Sinking boat blizzard, every good ppl ruinning like rats from sinking boat, copy paste moba, copy paste card game, what degenerates play thes ugly boring poops!

    • m8te HOTS is more different that rest of the MOBA out there and this is clearly better than most MOBAs. True it may be a copy but if so, every other MOBA after DOTA is also a COPY

    • heroes is way different then other mobas and i think its best moba, i stopped playing other mobas when i first saw trailer of HotS, i play it from first closed alpha, and what aboud card game.. well i dont play it but copy paste? i think hearthstone was first card game as i remember, only after tons of developers copy pasted it and now everyone has their own card game….


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