With blocky graphics and a title like “Minimum” you would expect TimeGate Studio’s latest shooter to offer little more than cheap minimalist square-filled thrills. But on closer inspection the Free-to-Play shooter suddenly evolves into something very much the opposite. What it lacks in visuals it certainly makes up for in scale and sheer ridiculousness. Giant golems wage war for their respective sides while blocky insects skitter across the arena floor. I’m pretty sure I even saw some red dinosaurs. Meanwhile players are busy shooting, slashing, collecting, and upgrading their weapons.

Speaking of upgrading weapons, the game features the ability for players to collect powerups which actively change a weapons abilities as it levels up to its maximum potential. You’ll need to be careful though, the powered up weapons only last as long as you can keep yourself alive. Weapons will come in a variety of styles including exploding ice-snipers and burning dual-wield katanas all complete with unique alt fire modes.

After watching the trailer one of my immediate -and I assume many people’s immediate- thoughts was “what do I need to do to get into one of them fancy rock’em sock’em golems?” Unfortunately my dreams of re-enacting old monster movies were cut short when I found out these “Titans” as they are called can only be indirectly influenced by players. Players are tasked with harvesting energy from creatures within the environment in order to power their team’s Titan which I assume allows it to then beat the crap out of everything and anything.

Minimum is set to begin closed alpha testing on April 16th via Steams early access program. You can check out the game’s (albeit currently limited) site here.

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  1. Oh wow.. I want to play this. I was expecting brickforce when i read ‘block’ but the graphics and effects on this are quite fancy.

  2. This game reminds me a bit of a game I played on Kongregate a while ago i think it was called splat death salad or something 😛

  3. At the beginning of the trailer I thought ‘ANOTHER SHOOTER?’ but then more awesome stuff started appearing. At one part, it looks like the environment is going to be destructible.

  4. Game looks likes the first Roblox FPS Game and totally would be awesome if that name was the title for this game. Should be awesome since there is PvP or Player vs Player in this game also Team Deathmatch and other sorts of other fun modes you can play. I suggest this would be an awesome game to play.

  5. The blocky exterior looks amazing, and that blocky weapon looks amazing also and the blocky rocks,environment, titans,little bugs, dinos, all blocky its simple yet amazing. I’m serious!

  6. when I saw this on the news I was like OMG I have to see this … and looks like we got a pretty awesome game here with graphics ! I think it will be promosing I hope I wont be disappointed 😀

  7. Looks awesome, might even consider getting early access. It’s the Lego Shooter that I’ve always secretly wanted.

  8. When I read the name I thought pure fail! But when I saw the trailer I was proved wrong .I thought that blocks will never look good . But I found it quite good . Till now it looks very good . But I have to play it and then onliy I can conclude but I think its innovative and somewhat nicely executed.

  9. not usually a big fan of fps…or block style games ( which there seem to be a lot of after minecraft became so popular ) But this one is definitely one to keep an eye on

  10. It actually looks really cool. I like the blocky art more than realistic. Looks new and I hope it will be a good mmotps.

  11. No objection! But I still hold the point that MMO without charater-level makes me more excited. For example, Age of Wushu, EVE Online, City of Heroes…

  12. At first I was like “meh, another tps but with blocky style” but them the other features kicked in, monsters, those big mofos, the other environment and I think this might be good.

    • Looks like all the gamers here including me disagree with you .. what the heck makes you say something like this .. did you even watch the trailer ?

  13. A possible chatlog:

    Blocky: OMG, dude.. they are r***ping us… where ya been?
    Menta: Just a block away.
    Blocky: that darn cheater – he uses a female avatar…
    Menta: How do you know? Lolz
    Blocky: he haz a smaller hitbox


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