It is mind boggling how many free to play shooters have been or are being released this year. It seems like every few weeks a new shooter pops up to remind us that F2P shooters are the flavor of the year! We have had some decidedly good Free to Play shooters recently, with Planetside 2, Loadout, and Firefall among others in the works. But like bunnies in the wild, the more time we leave them alone the more F2P shooters seem to spring up into existence.

Now we have the new shooter Born to Fire from Aeria Games headed into closed beta. The shooter focuses on team-based action with 5 distinct classes each with their own unique weaponry and play styles. One such class, the Dual Gunner, moves around quickly and looks for opportunities to skirmish with their twin submachine guns while also serving as the team’s medic.

On the flip side of this we have the Point Man, which absorbs damage with their large riot shield and provides cover for the more offensive minded classes.

While the game is in closed beta you do not have to have a closed beta key to get in. I never understood why game companies insist on calling it a closed beta if it isn’t actually closed but that is besides the point. You can check out Born to Fire now by heading on over to the official site and signing up.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Since it’s min. requirements say it will run on my systems, I’ll try it. Whether or not it stays installed is a different story.

  2. I played it for 30 mins and was disappointed. Old engine f2p games cant go on par with current gen fps shooters. Combat arms is still better but I got bored of that too.

  3. Had me going for a second, then lost me at Aeria Games is one of the worst hosting portals for MMOs in the world.

      • Aeria Games didn’t made any of their games, they are just publishing them. While they have some pretty good games with a lot of potentional they ruin them all by making them pay-to-win and not caring about hackers, server lag, and anything else that doesn’t bring them money. I have to agree with purewitz that Aeria Games is one of the worst publishers, one of the most greedy ones as well.

  4. I played AVA eu on IJJI for along time. The game was great and little to no hackers half the time. Switch to Aeria…BARF!!! Horrid transition, exploited map hacks, tons of other hacks. Most of this came from Wolf Team guys that saw fresh hack potential. Then we have just announced that TRIBES is now an Aeria game title…oh how the might have fallen (but predicatble). Then we have this. hahahah….hahahaha…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAA


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