Brawlhalla Patch Season 1

Blue Mammoth Games has pushed out a big patch for Brawlhalla, bringing with it a very long list of additions and changes, especially to ranked play. Three new servers — US West, Brazil, and Australia — have been added and are now eligible for ranked matchmaking, while players will now have per-legend ratings that are impacted by their all-region matchmaking rating (MMR), which replaces the old Elo rating system.

The patch introduces a new 1v1 game mode, Strikeout, where players select three legends that change every Stock, and five new 1v1 map designs, affecting the Thundergard Stadium, Great Hall, Kings Pass, Blackguard Keep, and Mammoth Fortress maps. If you’re looking for new fashion choices for your favorite legend, check out the Nightwatch Sentinel, Demon Ogre Koji, and Fallen Brynn skins in the cash shop.

There’s also been a major change to dodge cancelling, meant to level the playing field between different champions, and “standardize how much powers are allowed to carry momentum into their hit window.” There are a lot of minute numerical adjustments tied to this change, and you can read all about them in the patch blog entry.

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