There’s a new legend in the Brawlhalla arena! Ulgrim, The Unyielding Anvil, Son of Ivaldi was added in today’s 2.9 patch, which also adds a number of smaller UI and map improvements along with the usual slate of bug fixes and balance changes.

Ulgrim’s a bearded badass who wields a lance and an axe and sports above average strength and armor, while sacrificing dexterity. He “crafts for the gods,” which sounds like a great gig to put on your résumé, especially if you can list Odin as a reference.

The patch improves server performance and makes balance changes to nearly all weapons and legends, including quite a few changes to axe gameplay, which was deemed “too strong and too linear.” Blue Mammoth Games has also granted players one more week to pick up the ever-so-romantic Valhallentine’s skins and colors, which are available until March 8. You can read the full patch notes on the Brawlhalla Reddit page.

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  1. Valve games is completely fill with hacker mostly on multiplayer games. it has become a huge problem to them nowdays. The kids though adult are out of control.

    • Did you comment on the wrong article? This is not a Valve game nor is it the type of game where anyone has “hacks”.

  2. Play this game if you enjoy a game where everyone does only the same move over and over. You will find mny players who do only the spinning.


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