It’s not totally official, but all signs (and Facebook ads) point to Amazon Game Studios’ Breakaway being a free-to-play game. So we’ll cover major events, like Breakaway’s public alpha test, which you can get into right now to see if the game meets your multiplayer arena-battling needs.

You can download the game from its website and play until 10 a.m. Pacific on Monday, Dec. 19. Log into the game with your Twitch ID and play, screenshot, stream, or YouTube to your heart’s content! There’s no NDA, though being an alpha, there might be some “problems or rough edges,” so be gentle.

If you’re already familiar with the game from TwitchCon, take a gander at the patch notes to keep up with all the recent changes. There’s a new arena, Atlantis, and a new champion, Victor, “a powerful, ranged nuker who sacrifices mobility for high burst damage at long range.” Progression is also new, granting perks and skins as you level your champions up.

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