On April 26th the first phase of the Brick-Force Open Beta begins: Infernum announced that it will host a special “VIP Open Beta”. Over 500,000 users who have registered for Brick-Force so far will have the opportunity to invite their friends for guaranteed immediate access to the sandbox shooter. To ensure an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience for the start of the Open Beta, Infernum Productions will give all registered players the opportunity to immerse themselves exclusively with their friends in the block-based universe. The full Open Beta will soon be freely available to all and all stats will be stored permanently from next Thursday for all players with an invite.

The VIP Open Beta will go live with numerous changes and improvements based on community feedback. The building mode will be expanded to include new features to empower map builders, such as the possibility to build several bricks at once or defy gravity with the sandbox Jetpack. Furthermore, brand new sounds will be introduced in all language versions, in addition to improved balancing. Several new items will be offered in the item shop via game currency or real money. A complete redesign of the interface will also be implemented shortly after the Open Beta launch, along with the browser version which is nearing completion.

Currently two other shooter modes are being created by developer EXE Games and Infernum Productions and will launch in a matter of weeks. The ‘Defense Mode’ will introduce brand new PvE maps where players will need to battle wave upon wave of monsters. ‘Build and Destroy’ will give players the chance to build bricks and frantically fight at the same time in shooter mode.

Infernum is focused on the improvement and expansion of the core gameplay over the coming weeks. The launch of the Mobile and Tablet versions are planned for this Summer. Further information and news can be found on the Official Website at www.brick-force.com


  1. im happy that the Open Beta Starts but ive got an beta key for a month ago and i hate it that the Accounts were be set to 0 … no good i think :<

  2. On of the worst game I played. Terrible interface, graphics, shop variety and p2w like all many fps. The negative elements would’ve been diminished if this game actually lived up to its trailer and motto. All I saw was a much inferior version of Counter Strike. I tried making a map, until I had to shove it to the side after realizing I would be bankrupt if it is permitted…
    RIP—A game that never should’nt been born.

  3. Lol, I would like to know how many players of those 500k still active, maybe, idk.. 2k?

    I mean cmon, I was thinking about this game like a REAL sandbox, with a huge fuc**ng world where u could rape everyone, but no..

    They did the advertising, they said that the game was gonna be a real sandbox, I tought the gameplay would be really good, such a dissapointment..


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