Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that Bright Shadow is now open to anyone using a U.S. Beanfun! account. Since a successful European re-launch back in July, Bright Shadow was only available to E.U. Beanfun! players. Now, just in time for the Curse of Hera Expansion, U.S. players can join in on the fun and receive a special bonus-package invitation.

Bright Shadow is an anime-inspired card collecting MMORPG where players can choose from over 20 classes to explore a lush world that’s filled with exciting dungeons and more than 500 collectible monsters. Providing countless hours of free-to-play entertainment, players can use monster cards in battle, learn special skills and transformations, or just collect and trade with friends.

Players both new and old will be greeted with a slew of fresh content, as the Curse of Hera Expansion just launched on January 5th. The update brings 30 new areas and dungeons, eight new classes, over 40 new bosses, and over 400 new enemies and monster cards to collect.

Because E.U. Beanfun! players had a head start, everyone who joins Bright Shadow using a U.S. Beanfun! account will receive an exclusive “Beginners Pack”. Valued at about $20 USD, it includes the following items:

  • Phoenix Feather x 3 (respawn on location)
  • Quick Recovery x 1 (30% HP recovery speed increase)
  • Tetris Rain x 20 (rains Tetris)
  • 2x EXP Book – 3 hours x2
  • Pet – Magic Kitten x 1

Card collecting and MMORPG fans alike can get their fix by signing up at the Bright Shadow homepage at



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