If you don’t generally pay attention to Splash Damage’s first-person shooter Brink, you probably missed the fact that it went free-to-play. There doesn’t seem to be much news on the topic. In fact, the only way I found out about it was via Twitter.

The developer doesn’t seem to have anything regarding an announcement on the shift on their site, and the only thing I could find on Steam about it was a two sentence announcement. That being said. The game is definitely free-to-play on Steam now. So, if you’ve been looking for a new FPS to tool around in, head over to Steam and grab it.

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  1. “Curst is right dirty bomb is much better and polished, no need to brink even tho i really liked the game back then”
    If they improve the “Parkour” , this game can be a success even years after the launch. Dirty Bomb parkour is shitty too (My opinion). Let’s see what they improved at the game in this relaunch and decide if it’s worth to play or not.

  2. Brink was such a let-down. They really hyped it up far too much. The SMART movement was quite cool (at the time) but that was the only positive thing that was worth noting about this game. The rest was just terrible.
    I instantly regretted buying it on release. Must have only gotten a few hours out of it. Also, the player base was almost non-existent, even back then. I very much doubt the situation has improved.
    A huge swing-and-a-miss by Splash Damage with this one.

      • I don’t think it’s likely that it will. It’s too old to be so new on the F2P field. People who wanted something like that are already playing Dirty Bomb and there’s no reason for them to switch.

        • Yeah, you got to remember that Brink is now six years old and never reached the same status as other games in that genre. There is a reason games go F2P and it’s rarely good news.


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