Broken Ranks Forefathers’ Eve Event Will Only Last 30 Hours, So Don't Miss Out

The event begins at 6 PM on October 28.

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Broken Ranks Halloween Event

Whitemoon Games is preparing to launch a limited-time–emphasis on the limited–holiday event, the Forefathers’ Eve. Players will need to help tormented souls and acquire items desired by the penitent souls wandering around various areas. Players will also need to watch out for hordes of the undead that will be wandering around. If players are able to defeat the undead they will be granted a lot of experience as well as a chance to loot items that the lost souls need. This event will begin at 6 PM on October 28.

“Forefather’s Eve is the third recurring event permanently added to the event repertoire of Broken Ranks (after Valentine’s Day Party and Bunny Marathon). We want our players to have even more fun in our game and so we’re preparing more and more content. We have a lot of ideas and plans to implement, which we have shared on our roadmap,” shares studio founder Krzysztof Danilewicz.

While the Forefather’s Eve event will offer players a way to gain a lot of experience for themselves and their gear, the event will only last 30 hours and this time limitation will need to be taken into consideration. The event will also be divided into several level ranges, each of which will spawn champions on the map from time to time. If these opponents are killed, there is a chance they will drop extra rewards. Players that would like to read more about the event can check out the Broken Ranks website.

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