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European Games Group AG and Playata announced new features for its free-to-play browser based game Hero Zero this week. The most prominent feature is the Hero Hideout which gives players who have hit level 8 access to a secret base under their houses in Humphreydale. The base is a work in progress — starting out as an empty construction site that can be built into full scale hero digs.

The hideout is modular, allowing players to move things around when they get tired of its old look. Old rooms can even be stored for later. In addition, players will also be able to collect coins that the hideout generates over time — as well as different resources produced by different rooms. These resources will be used to build even more rooms in a hideout.

Players can find more information on the hideout feature on the game’s Facebook page.

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    • There are many people at work, especially in Asia that play those on a daily basis, if I were under the same circumstances, I’d do the same.

    • If they are still being built I hope people stop using adobe flash player at least. That software is garbage and it’s dying off slowly even google and some major companies want it dead. I might be wrong but I think apple was the first one who wanted to kill it off.

      • I honestly couldn’t say it better. Adobe sucks yet we are forced to use it in many websites and in most browsers. I absolutely hate this stupid software..

      • I’m just glad google and other big companies are taking a charge in forcing all these developers and sites who refuse to upgrade to upgrade. Who cares if it makes them go out of business we need to upgrade to make technology better for MMOS and mobile MMOS and other websites.

      • Also on a unrelated post from a few days ago when these developers and website owners lag behind and don’t upgrade their software for what ever BS reason it affects everyone. Because then technology can’t advance like I said and loading is slow and when they spam us with ads it’s even slower. But yeah pretty much what I said I’m not a fan of browser games but if people still want it and are building it I hope the developers/publishers stay away from adobe flash player that software is garbage. Also I think google is trying to steer people away from it since they got control of the market right now.

        • Ignore this post if you want I just wanted to fill in a few gaps from what I said so the full story is here. Before you say who cares about adobe flash this is a gaming site yeah I know I was talking about adobe flash and browser games. But what I wanted to say is a few other huge companies supported apple to kill off adobe flash player besides google I could list them off but I don’t see a point to since this is a MMO site and I also don’t know all of the names of the companies who supported the death of adobe flash player. Search it up on the internet if you wanna find out.


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