Guild Wars 2 players have been asking for build and gear templates pretty much since the game launched, and soon, they’ll be getting their wish. The much-requested feature was announced in April and confirmed at PAX Prime, and today ArenaNet revealed more about how templates will work and when players will be able to use them in-game.

Build templates work pretty much like you’d expect. Each one lets you select your utility skills, specializations, and major traits, and you can swap between the three different tabs whenever you’re out of combat. So you could, for instance, have one set for raiding, one for PvE world content, and one for WvW … and then buy more tabs from the Gem Store so you can have a tab for Fractals, one for PvP, one for world boss fights, one for … well, you get the picture. You can even copy your build templates and past them into chat for others to use.

Equipment templates work in a similar fashion, with options for items with selectable stats and the added bonus that gear used in an equipment template doesn’t take up space in your inventory. Each character only gets two such tabs for free, however, and because PvP equipment works differently from equipment in other modes, it’s not included in the system yet.

The template system will go live in a patch scheduled for Oct. 29. You can learn more about templates on the GW2 site or by watching the Guild Chat stream tomorrow, Oct. 1, at noon Pacific on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube.

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