As a lover of art, I’m of the general opinion that people should have as much access to it as possible. So, when the creators of Occupy White Walls — a sandbox MMO focused specifically on allowing players to build and maintain their own museums or galleries — contacted us about their project I was immediately interested. The game, which is currently in Alpha testing, offers players the tools and assets to build their own (particularly shiny) galleries.

At present, players only have access to pieces you’d find in existing museums, pieces you’d see in art history books. Eventually, however, the developer Sticki Pixels has plans to allow players to display their own works in the gallery — possibly in Beta. The full idea is to allow players to not only upload their works, but also to allow other players to comment on it.

The game also have a system named D.A.I.S.Y that is designed to learn about players’ taste in art. Eventually, it will be able to suggest one player’s art to other players who might be interested in it.

The game will have an economy, with galleries generating income from both NPC and other players. The more income they generate, the bigger and better the gallery will become.

As a concept, the whole thing seems pretty interesting, although possibly a bit niche since the game doesn’t offer any of the standard features you’d find in an MMO. That said, I feel like it’d be really cool if they managed to team up with something like Project Mosul, an undertaking meant to preserve art destroyed through war or natural disasters using pictures taken by people every day… Especially since the one thing I felt the galleries were missing when viewing the videos was sculptures.

For an idea of what kind of galleries players can build, check out the videos below.

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  1. Cool concept but i think it’ll fail due to how niche this game sounds. I hope succeeds cause it really is a cool concept


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