This week’s free Epic Games Store offerings seem to have a bit of a theme — travel. Players can either build their own train network using more than 40 different historical trains or travel across the Depression era US, meeting strangers and swapping stories.

Buy and build stations, factories, and more to build the best empire possible in Gaming Minds Studios’ Railway Empire. Players start out in 1830’s America and do everything it takes to ensure your empire makes it to the 20th Century. The base game will run you $30 after this week, so it’s a good idea to grab it now if you’re big on trains — especially since like most train-simulators, this one has a lot of DLC that you’ll have to purchase either way.

The second game, from developers Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge, is a single-player narrative that allows players to travel at their own pace across the United States during the Great Depression. In Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, you’ll listen to character stories and retell them to unlock new interactions. Normally, the game would run $20, and while it seems interesting, it may not be exactly your thing. So, beign able to find out for free seems like a good deal.



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