Epic Games Store Now Requires Cross-Play For Multiplayer, Plus Features Self-Publishing

Epic Games continues to attempt to compete with Steam.

Troy Blackburn
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In a huge step forward for the Epic Games Store, they have announced that developers will be able to self-publish their games on Epic, providing a less crowded storefront that could mean big sales for some titles. Add to that Epic's more developer-friendly 12% cut over Steam's 30%, and you have a space now ripe for self-publishing for small developers.

On top of this, Epic has also announced that it will be requiring multiplayer games to be cross-platform, meaning multiplayer titles can be played with friends on Steam or Xbox PC.

Epic boasted over 230 million total PC customers in 2022, with $820M spent by PC players on the Epic Games Store (-2% YoY). $355M was spent by players on 3rd-party games, up 18% YoY.

Epic gave away 99 free games in 2022 with a total value of $2,240 per player, and over 700M free games were claimed.

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