If you’re a hardcore Destiny 2 raider who wants to achieve the World First clear on the new content coming in Beyond Light … well, you’ll probably be disappointed. After all, “First” can only go to one squad, which means that the majority of people striving for it won’t reach that mark. It’s all right — the theme of 2020 is “Disappointment.”

Still, if you’re going to take your shot at it, know that you’ve got just over a month to prepare, and Bungie laid out the prep you’ll want to do in a post last week. The Race to World First kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Saturday, Nov. 21, and you’ll want to assemble a team with 1230 power, but you won’t get any help from artifacts. This time around, Bungie is making sure that everyone follows the rules, so teams are advised not to give up if they hear about someone else’s victory, in case of a disqualification.

The official award ceremony will take place a few days after the runs, so Bungie can be certain everyone has followed the rules. Every member of the winning team will receive a title belt, and if you complete it at any point in the first 24 hours, you’ll also get a special emblem. Finish the raid before Dec. 1 and you’ll receive a code you can use to purchase a new, Europa-ready raid jacket, and if you complete it at any point, you’ll get another emblem — so you do get something even if you’re not #1 after all.

Friday’s post also covered performance on the next generation of consoles (spoiler: pretty good) and an increase in Cipher Key drop rates and other rewards for the Festival of the Lost. And there was also, uh, this:

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