Webzen announced the Open Beta launch of its free-to-play, 3D Action RPG, C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal).

C9 is a highly anticipated Action RPG game featuring diverse PVP combat, endless skill combos, and precise controls. With the start of the Open Beta, the classes available to play are Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade.

C9 has also been chosen as an official title for the “Game and Game World Championship 2012” global tournament. For more details head to the official C9 website at http://c9.webzen.com


  1. Horrible game, at the beggining looks fun, but then u notice that….U CAN BEAT EVERY INSTANCE ALONE! are u kidding me? is so easy…then ur bag is so small, at lvl 20 ur able to join the PVP, and geez, is so stupid, u cant even fight there, if u fall u have to wait till the enemy finish hes combo for do something and the moves are a fail, GunZ is a very old game and have better instances and of course, better PVP…

  2. Your brains broke on Vindictus:
    1- 2D graphics for all interactive and story telling NPCS. WORSE, they are anime 2D while your character and environment is not anime. Full on fukin fail.
    2- Design is piss poor. Clunky controls. Not smooth combat. MEnus pasted over X3 from original asian version.
    3- I get armor in bag. I put said armor on my body slot. Armor does not leave bag. I got to ask if that is something to be fixed. I got a 30 day ban for exposing an exploit that pushes you to cash shop. F that game.

  3. I was actually quite disappointed with this game. 🙁 I followed it since I first saw the trailer… Ugh… Time to find another MMO to stalk.

    • What did you find disappointing about the game, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂 I’d love to hear your input on what you found disappointing about it so that I can get a better idea of if this game is worth the headache of trying to get it downloaded.

  4. I wanted to play this so bad. Signed up for closed beta and got in. But then I found out it wasn’t available in my country. So how was it? I’m waiting for the Thai server to open some time in August.

  5. This games boring as hell. I see lots of comments with Vindictus in them. You know what? I’ll go play that right now!

  6. Why are you guys complaining that much? you look like 13 years old boys fighting, Vindictus is a good game and C9 is awesome too, the graphics of both are good despite the fact that Vindictus has better graphics, I think they did a good job with C9’s graphics and the gameplay of both are really good, the only thing I like more about C9 is that it’s an open world game not like Vindictus, anyway who cares? choose one of them play it and be happy.

  7. I have a slight problem …. I can’t download it since OBT started… And before that when i could download it i couldn’t install it zips didn’t work with winRAR or winZIP not 7z archive program… Can’t play the game …

  8. When i log in and klick download it tells me i have to log me in first.
    When i enter my name and my pw again after being logged in and pressing download nothing happens.
    What do i have to do?

    • As repetitive as Vindictus is… It is still much better than C9.

      C9’s graphics are no where near Vindictus.
      Same can be said for animations and its physics are… painful to watch i find.

      C9 has a lot of polish and features to add before it can compete with games like Vindictus.

      That being said. Vindictus needs a lot added to fix its repetition as well…

      • Well I don’t like Vindictus, not because of its graphic, gameplay or anything like that. Its because no matter how many videos i see of it, people in SEA(South East Asia) can’t even play it because of IP block and F**k Mabinogi Heroes because not everyone in SEA are koreans D: I hate Vindictus! At least C9 doesn’t IP block, Thank God!
        Oh and Mabinogi Online is also the same, hate that too!

        • Blame that on Nexon. All their games are region locked. And don’t worry, Mabinogi sucks ass. You’re not missing anything. There is a way to play Vindictus NA with proxies and whatnot.

      • f*** you and all you graphic bunnies out there.

        stop caring about how f*** pretty it looks, a retard with an Unreal 3 development kit can make a good looking game. content > all. people like you don’t understand a fuck in what gaming is really about. games should bring up the passion in your heart and make you want to keep playing and playing and playing. repetative games good? no matter how fucking cool it is what ur doing over and over again, repetative games will NEVER stand a chance against any open-world games.

        look at diablo 3. some people got sick of it after a day, others are still playing. but in the end, people will quit diablo 3 (which a TON of people already did) because there’s only 4 freaking acts.

        but yeah repetative or not, stop f*** caring about graphics. people are still playing the first MMORPG and WoW for a reason, f****.

        damn nigga stop pissing me off.

        • If you haven’t noticed, WoW is slowly but surely dying. It had a good run and it’s time is up. I agree that C9 needs a lot of polishing up and repetitive missions really are a pain but C9s’ PvP is like 15 times better than WoWs. It’s simple as that, and I DO know what I’m talking about. I’ve played WoW for 3 years, mainly for PvP. Was 2500+ in 2s so I’m not trashing something I haven’t tried. I do agree with the graphics part. Graphics in games are only there as a prestige, a bonus. C9 has graphics of average quality and that’s a fact. The gameplays is what matters, and C9 wins all in that department.

    • vindictus sucked, no matter how pretty it looked, its still a very bad repetitive game. C9 is also the same but at least the variety of skills keep me entertained even though its not as pretty as vindictus.

      • its a dungeon crawler that bases its gameplay on quick reflexes and memorization of the combos. Its not an rpg. And if vindictus sucked why was it the best free to play mmo of 2010?

        • I never said its an rpg(would you read carefully). I said its very repetitive(in a bad way). Its doesn’t matter how much skill you put into if most of the mobs you fight aren’t even that challenging(except certain bosses,but MOSTof’em).The only thing skill is good for is pvp(which is like the endgame for any mmo). Theres only a few combos and very limited if you compare actual fighting games.
          The popularity served the pretty looking graphic mmo mostly.

          • yes, but vindictus has the source engine allowing you to kill enemies with pretty much anything as opposed to the skills. However, C9 suffers from the same problems as Vindictus, its very repetitive. But that doesn’t make a game bad, Vindictus may have been repetitive, but it made up for it by having an excellent combat system. This game to be honest reminds me more of dragons nest. And the popularity was not the graphics, but the combat and the fact that it, again, was the best F2P mmo of 2010. I think that’s a big award. Especially for Nexon, who never before won a single award. I can see the potential in C9, its just that Vindictus will always IMO be the best.

          • Action MMOs are not supposed to be based of of a skill system but combos, and Vindictus does it very well, with all the destructive environmnt, and all the objects you can pick up. Its action mmo at its finesst, but yeah, its very repetitive, but this game does the same thing, minus the awesome physics, graphics and the great free to play model.

    • I was thinking it looked like a garbage forsaken. People are getting tired of trash. I have more fun talking about some of this garbage then i do playing it. Hope it’s good?

  9. grrrr, 9 times now ive tryed DL it ,and rittled with errors mwhy cant they just have a DLer like the china DL app, its in 5 different things ,tryed putting it in 1 folder ,still says im missing avi files when there rite there,dont understand, they will luckout if peeps cant even install it . let alone DL it in 4 hrs ,whats its taken me ea. time i do ,tryed DLing (1) full.(2) the peices.(3) now trying china version., and webzen must be taken down all the complaints ,i checked there d-base. and forums ,just tryed googlein it ,no 1 seems to know wats going on. so ill try raiderz again ,like open world concept better ,p.s. any idea,s send to me @bad1one(@)yahoo,,,ty guys

    • I totally agree. I’ve tried downloading the game twice now and each time it messes up. The last time took NINE HOURS (wtf?) to download and it froze up and gave me an error message FOUR MINUTES away from completion! >_<

      Can anyone tell me a better way to download this? Also, is this game worth it?


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