C9 (Continents of the Ninth Seal) is launching their fourth expansion entitled Rahkdan’s Counterattack today. Webzen’s dungeon-based MMORPG will be getting the first of a three-part content update in the upcoming months. But if you’re going rush off and try to the expansion, you’ll be meet with scheduled maintenance message at the moment. Don’t worry though, the game will be up after the scheduled tuning.

With the patch there of course will be a slew of changes to the world of Glenheim. There will be a server-wide character rebalance; skill damages for most of the classes will be updated, as well the difficulty of monsters will be changed. Okapia and Sarad (the Forth and Fifth Continents) will have new quests added, and a new Epic item will drop from the Second through Sixth Continents.

C9 is currently teasing players that a brand new class and an additional advanced class will be announced soon, along with an upcoming item giveaway and a new in-game event that rewards players with prizes. To find out more about C9’s Rahkdan’s Counterattack expansion, head over to the

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  1. you guys are trying it up when the server are downs till 27.11.2013. The game it’s not in hes normal mood, we are all waiting for webzen to repair the issues, that’s why you’re lagging, because the new expansion have a corrupted file that make people crash in dungeons. Still passed 6 days and webzen done nothing.

    • probably because the servers are filled with players. srsly. too many lol lags the hell out of my PC in the cities. too many ppl walkin around

  2. This game is kind of buggy. I spent 30mins login and out trying to make the audio work. IF the audio work the game freeze as soon as i enter the game -__- im only lvl 5


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