Currently in open beta, ESTSoft will be launching CABAL 2’s first major update since opening the doors to the MMORPG public later tonight, August 5th. “Blackwaves” is set to add new gear and a new ranking system for players to compete against each other in the new instanced Blackwaves event.

Blackwaves is an instanced event that makes players face-off against 12 waves of mobs, along with 24 players (four groups) per event. Each new wave will pit gamers against an even harsher and more treacherous mob of enemies as they work their way through all 12 levels.

All this danger isn’t just for fun and games. Players will be rewarded with all-new gear, superior to that found at the high-end dungeons, either through mob drops or from a combat-based point system. Points will also be updated in real-time after each wave and will reward players with their individual contribution during their assault on the mobs.

Maintenance is set to start a 6 PM Eastern time and conclude at 10 PM Eastern time so stay tuned to the official CABAL 2 site for the opening announcement.

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  1. Game is still in beta and hackers are in every games . The game is good you just need to love it,Cabal2 is not same than Cabal.just dont say anything if u dont like it.devlopers are still looking for a way to stop bots

  2. they did not have a plan to deal with the gold sellers / spammers.. then tried to fix it by removing all the drops from dungeons, then making the only ones u got that your used to could sell bound.. then if that wasnt enough, they increased the difficulty of all the max level dungeons by 10 fold.. being there is no endgame content other then the 2 dungeons they nerfed.. ran off pretty much everyone BUT the gold sellers / botters..

    pretty sure i have seen multiple references to this game as CABUG 2 – which i can vouch, is super dang buggy.. but it is beta.. but changing entire mechanics of dungeons to detour gold sellers is a lousy method to say the least..

    BIG Thumbs Down from me, and y es… I played 2 characters to end level.

  3. this game is just a clone of Cabal 1. very very few things have changed in it. same classes, same races, same fighting type, same skills, same everything. Not worth downloading.

  4. Hey, Magicman, you said saty, instead of stay at the end of your review.

    Just pointing it out, so you can correct it.


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