During yesterday’s maintenance period, the Cabal II team added all new content with the release of the Chapter 3: AI Ascent update. Included in this update is a new high level zone (50+) and a level cap raise to 60. Faction level caps have also been raised to 60.

To go along with the level cap raise, 18 new skills (three for each class) have been added. The new skills become available at levels 53, 55, and 56. Players can also look forward to new equipment sets, crafting items, and new upgrades in the upgrade system.

New dungeons have been added as well. These include:

  • The Clanking Forest
    • Available at Level 50 in Sand Sea Ruins
  • Advanced Glacier / Shadow / Flame Citadels
    • In The Ramparts Map
  • Advanced Monster Arena
    • Accessed through the Battleground UI
  • New Challenge Mode Dungeon: Cain’s Tomb
    • Accessed upon by slecting “Challenge Mode” in the dungeon

For a full rundown of content added with the new update, hit up the patch notes on the Cabal II site.

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  1. Painwheel on August 14, 2017

    I tried this game when it first came out and yep i was garbage. I wonder why they didn’t stick to the theme of fits Cabal and went to generic fantasy bullshit. Why in the world they thought that something generic af would be better then something slightly unique? Mental.

  2. MrGrim on August 11, 2017

    I tried the game when it first came out. it was completely shit to me.
    Did they change a lot since then? is it worth giving it another try?

    • HughMungus on August 11, 2017

      Well that’s hard to answer since you didn’t say what you found completely shit about it.

      • hey on August 11, 2017

        Hes right though, it was overall complete ****.
        The whole game felt like an underdeveloped mess, nothing seemed to work on first try.

        • MrGrim on August 12, 2017

          pretty much. and it was as generic as all hell. nothing really special. story felt uninteresting and unengaging. just wondering if they made any improvements on it

          • Kevin Flemming on August 13, 2017

            True. I played it for about an hour or so and knew exactly what to expect. Most of these converts are the same.