Caliber To Begin Beta Testing Customizable User Battles In Next Update

Set your parameters, then get your battle on.

Troy Blackburn
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Caliber User Battles

Update 0.21.0 in the free-to-play, team-based shooter Caliber will mark the beginning of beta testing the new User Battle system. User Battle is a customizable mode that allows parameters to be changed before the start of combat. You can decide the composition of the teams, the preferred mode, and the map. User Battles are geared toward giving players a way to conduct competitive events.

Initially, only a limited number of players who are interested in organizing events will be given access to create User Battles in Caliber, but everyone can participate in the events. Following the testing phase, and a bit of finetuning, the ability to create User Battles will be extended.

In order to gain access to User Battle creation in Caliber you must submit a request.

The entire Caliber Operator roster will be available for User Battles. There are currently no rewards for participating in User Battles. Moving forward, the creation of User Battles will be a paid service.

Check out the Caliber User Battles video below, and don't forget to sign up for User Battle creation if you're interested in running events.

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