Activision Blizzard and Tencent Holdings Limited announced a strategic relationship to bring Call of Duty Online… to Chinese game players. The game will be free-to-play and monetized through the sales of in-game items.

Call of Duty Online has been in development by Activision Publishing for approximately two years. Under the multi-year agreement with Activision Publishing, Tencent has the exclusive license to operate Call of Duty Online in mainland China.

The new game Call of Duty Online will allow players the ability to personalize their weapons, characters and equipment like never before in a Call of Duty game. Using an in-game store, players can enhance their weapons, gear, and perks. The new game will also bring a variety of game modes and maps and features an original story told through a series of Special Operations missions based on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare universe.

No word yet if Call of Duty Online is going to be released in US or Europe.


  1. Okay Activision I’m going to tell you this are you Fucking retarted or somthing why did you only make this avalable in fucking china why didn’t you just make it avalable every where and the places that needs it the most is the US why the hell is every other COD game avalable in every county pretty much except for lilttle places I can’t belive this you also gave it to them for fucking free like OMG and the US is the gaming capital of the world even canada or the UK plays more games than China I would prefer it more to be in Canada rather than china I don’t hate china okay I’m just pissed you didn’t make it avalable for every county okay and (who ever agrees like this post) thank you very much Activision go suck a dick for once!

  2. hope that the shit franchise will die soon enough of the same crap.

    Looking forward to ghost recon online and planetside2

  3. Truly amazing. This will make more money than the Xbox360 version because thet costs membership For online game play

    • Dont see why you are complaining, you should welcome the thought that this “blight” has not been brought to EU. Honestly most anything that comes out of china, especially a recreation of a game that has been developed and tested mainly in the US, EU, and CA, is going to make the whole series look like crap.

      Count your blessings here, and move on people don’t waste your time on this hype, you will seriously be disappointed.

  4. k to Bring out One of the Top 10 FPS Game on the world to the Online Game thats DAM COOL and i hope it be just like the others 😀

  5. ok cod has become boring to me but now its coming f2p i wonder are the gonna make it pay to win hmmmmm +D

  6. High possibility of the game being pay2win due to it being developed by a Chinese game company (Did I say developed? I meant copy pasted.)

  7. WHY WHY WHY!!! because EA made a free version of Battle Field so Activision has to do the same as well. Stop whining, everyone has seen how big EA failed with the f2p version of BF so this most likely will not be a big hit either.
    Basic timeline of this game(like any other f2p fps)
    Hype>CB>CB2>OB>game stays in OB for 2 years>initial hype is gone after 6 months>Final Release>almost 80% of gaming population in game moves on to the next big fps.
    So basically all in all, this game will be flushed in about 3 years, I for one wont be sapped into thinking this game is cool, sorry I hate COD games always have always will.

    • all cod does is follows. BF3 new engine, cod said they would have one but the did not. ghost recon is in the future, now black ops 2 is in the future. BF f2p online, now cod online -.- can you guys not see thing?? Really?

  8. Damn! This game actually looks pretty good. Shame it’s not coming to the US anytime soon. Those Chinese BASTARDS!!!!! My favorite free to play is BFP4F with AVA coming in second. I have just about every free FPS but these 2 are my fav. I am Creeper69,Tomco69,HAWH69 and DRAGOON69 on BFP4F. Look me up. See you on the battlefield solders!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. trust it’s not going to come out in the u.s or Europe, if it does activision will lose so much money on the newer cod series, u.s and euro stands the most on activision money making franchise

  10. Why the f** bother with this when we have Heroes and Generals as a very good upcoming totally fair and free2play MMOFPS-RTS that has graphics nicier than alot of pay2play games?

    • exaclty. Hell you want to play big a** FPS, F2P? Try some Planetside 2, you’ll never know what hit ya. Still playing PS1, and this shnit is crazy huge! COD is crap to begin with, least multiplay… run and gun? Go play Unreal/Quake, want something a little more thought needing? Play Battlefield or counter strike… Give up COD on Multi and keep making decent single player games.

  11. God damn…F*** this shit, I am a huge fan of free2play but this is only going to make me shit rainbow flavoured shit in the middle of their Duty franchise.

  12. Well all its hate aside, I think it might work if they play their cards right. COD4 was great, so we already know they can make a decent multiplayer, and I liked some Black Ops, but if its made by some random asian company, it’s probably going to be just as terrible as Combat Arms, Counter Strike, Sudden attack, arctic combat, point blank, and all in between. Give it to great devs like Zombie Studios, or just make it yourself, but no Chinese devs please, no offense to China. And why is this and WarFace in Asia and not NA. Warface is developed by CryTek for Christ Sake!

  13. lets hope they did it this time better than other one…MW3 was just a copy of MW2 what is next part of MW1…lets BIGLY hope that they did it better this time

  14. Looks like Call of Duty 4…. which was awesome. And I didn’t really like Arctic Combat, so if this comes out in U.S, that would be great!

    • I think you are fully stupid. This is a huge mistake. When this comes out. It is going to ruin all new free fps games that are going to be coming out. They will all try to copy this and not good games like Unreal, Quake, and Counter Strike.

      • You need to stfu. If he likes it then leave him alone, it’s HIS opinion not YOURS.

        I have not seen a game that’s copied a F2P game before, and I don’t think anyone would ever copy off a game thats been running for 4 years on the same game engine.

      • If you know nothing about shooters, don’t call other stupid. F2P FPS’s will not be hurt by this game. And games have tried copying Counter Strike, and look what were left with. Combat Arms, Soldiers Front, Sudden Attack, CrossFire, Actic Combat and many, many more. Call of Duty is good, there’s just much better games to choose from, some of which are free.

      • All new F2P fps games are already ruined. And i know that you wrote that 2 years ago, but it was the same at that time…


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