Hearthstone mobile

As Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft gets bigger and bigger, the devices you can play it on get smaller and smaller.

Hearthstone is now available for iOS and Android smartphones, with a new interface optimized for the smaller screens. You’ll have access to your account’s entire collection, and you’ll even score a free classic card pack when you play your first game on a phone.

You’ll need at least an iPhone 4, iPod Touch 5, or Android 4.0 device or newer. You can download the app via the iTunes or Amazon App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Cool, I don’t feel like keeping this installed on my PC, but it’s perfect for my phone to play a match when i have some time to kill while i’m out of the house.

  2. its not pay to win just like any card game you have to pay to get new cards i mean really even thow they let u do daily’s and get free gold to get cards with so how is that pay to win and name a card game that u dont have to pay money to get new cards i still have my Pokemon and Yugioh cards and i never got any of them for free unless i stole them any way my main problem with this game is that the download is so big it takes up allot of space on your phone its best to play this on a tablet or just the computer.

  3. Bunch of morons think this is P2W. You can have a good time with this game, but obviously being a top-tier competitor is harder on the free model. Good transition to iPhone, I love it.

  4. Well met! …. Well met! …. Well met! …. Well met! … aaaaah
    Ha, people don’t like to grind dailies as a F2P player, I normally log in for dailies and I ended making a solid deck for paladin. I use the spare cards to craft exactly what I want. played for over a month now.

    5 free classic packs worth 500 gold
    300 gold for 100 wins
    100 for unlocking every hero
    100 play 3 matches
    35 days of dailies and im not gonna even include dominance.
    2575 gold racked up and IF i add in just paladin alone with 130 victories
    that’s around 400 gold.
    Almost 30 free packs, gtfo, y’all can’t even play a simple card game LOL


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