As announced last week, Standing Stone Games is making The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online‘s expansion content free until the end of August. In addition, SSG said that it would soon be providing a code to players that would let them acquire quest packs from the cash shop to keep on your account forever. Today, that promise was fulfilled.

23 LotRO quest packs (listed here) and 46 DDO quest packs (listed here) are now available for free using the code LOTROFREEQUESTS or DDOfreequests. (We’d guess that capitalization doesn’t matter, but that’s how they’re written on the corresponding pages.) These codes are valid until Aug. 31, so it’s not exactly an “act now” thing but rather “act somewhat soon.” Also, SSG will be offering sales on expansion quest packs for both games for just 99 Points in the near future.

If you’re already a loyal, paying players, there’s something for you too. VIPs in The Lord of the Rings Online will receive a vendor that gives 48 hours of town services items, a buff that negates item wear, and a buff that provides rapid crafting, while Dungeons & Dragons Online VIPs will get a permanent +1% XP boost for every member in their party other than themselves and hirelings, up to a maximum of 5%. No action is required to obtain these bonuses.


  1. do you need to enter the game and put the code or u can just log in ur account on the site and do that? pc on the fritz atm

  2. On LOTRO
    The f2p entry is somewhat messed up as your pummeled with sub first, then rejected of entry of any chars in your account. You then have to contact support. This is dumb as the majority will just not bother. I know its only a few hurdles but some players just go WTF! why?. opt out. I’m trying again later. lol

    • Its all good now I don’t know what happened two weeks ago but the launcher now is much better with no interruptions for f2p.


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