The latest map for Heroes & Generals, Khutor, is the first map conceived with Reto-Moto’s new graphics pipeline. It’s a skirmish map set in the the marshlands of Eastern Europe — the first new region since the game’s launch — and is described as “open and swampy.”

Oh, and it has tractors you can ride. Tractors! Because bicycles are so 1930s.

The changelog for the update mentions a few more bug fixes, as well as listing the different types of Eastern European buildings and props created specially for this map. But really, you just want to get in for the tractors, don’t you?

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  1. It appears that the update failed to stop the downward spiral – the game went from 20 000 player peak to 5000 players which is as lower than the alltime low in december 2014 – There is such a massive cartload of unfixed problems for 2+ years and I guess players are finaly sick of it -Its not like the community didnt do their part in it , in all the years of my gaming life I have never seen a more toxic and manipulative community and I have played DOTA . I can deal with swearwords and insults but the amound of homophobic – racists stuff I had to witness in this game tops all – with the community that is so toxic you constantly feel unwelcome from the hostile players

    Even if Reto.Moto started fixing all the problems of those 2+ years now they would take longer than the game has left to live with its current playerbase and negative reviews since the development speed is glacier speed as you can see with the map – this is the first truly new map since 2014 and its not one of the big maps , neither is it any special or remarkable – its not bad but for such a super long time its just “meh”
    As much as I enjoyed the game for over 5000 hours the reasons the game is in such a bad spot are plenty and could have been avoided easily – all that remains now is a toxic broken mess

    • Population has been bleeding out since the introduction random recoil and mandatory squads quite a while ago. They’ve managed to put a bandaid on it with subsequent updates, but the bleeding didn’t stop fully because a lot of veterans got annoyed. Which was only made worse by extremely slow addition of content and endless balance problems.

      As for “toxic” community, I’m fairly certain it didn’t play any major part. What’s “toxic” anyway? That word has lost all its meaning recently. If the worst thing that happens consistently is mean words, I’d say the community is as healthy as it can get in a competitive online game.

      All in all, I think people are just getting tired of it all and leaving the game in favor of existing and upcoming competitors. Veterans leave beccause they are dissatisfied and newbies because the game is difficult to get into. H&G used to not have any competition at all and I don’t think they fully appreciated that fact because it doesn’t look like they know what to do now that competition is out there..

      • toxic in the sense of the original meaning – a general very unfriendly agressive racist , sexist and homophobia laden community a few examples being “gays are not human” and squadnames like jewgasser which I belief could be filtered with a simple word filter they refuse to implement – reto did their best to split the factions and it shows outside of the german army you can lose 25 to 35 battles in a row in EU times because the MM is just straight up broken and gets abused by organized clans with modded “meta” weapons spawnkillin people who have played this game for 1 hour , if you create a new account and play very casualy you will play 2-3 battles vs bots and face enemy tanks , recons and paras in bronze and silver matchmaking tiers – where in theory they should not even be unlocked yet
        The hit detection revamp they attempted with adams cone and hipfire revamp is still broken , the hotfixes like reducing the headshot multiplier from 5 to 4 did absolutely nothing because at 600 RPM if one bullet hits the head and does not kill you instantly the next hit in the tip of your toe will finish
        Also some weapons score more headshots by default – personaly I had cases where I scoped in on the head of a enemy 2 m infront of me with a scope and somehow still hit 1 pixel that belonged to the neck and he spins arround spraying his automatic weapon while turning headshotting me in the first bullet – in general the STG/AVS/Johnson are completely overpowered due to this , you can aim at the feet of the enemy and headshot them or just hold down in their direction and snipe them at 150 m with headshots , using the broken combat badge system will turn LMGs into sniper rifles without recoil , using the hipfire badge will turn your smg into a hipfire sniper rifle and since the revamp made you shoot bullets from your eyes instead of your weapon dumb spray and pray run and gun will constantly result in headshots , for example its possible to get more headshot by just W + M1 gameplay with an smg than it is by aiming at heads – the game itself is in such a bad shape that unless you pick your battles and have a whole clan to back you up the game becomes unplayable instantly , which is tricky because most clans left due to the poor communication with reto and bugs that prevent you from earning the right amount of warfunds while playing the RTS and recently some players are affected from soldier ranks getting scaled down to 1 during battle without notification resulting in a credit loss if you try to win a battle and randomly get stripped of 90% of your income wich is the rank salary , I could write paragraph and paragraph about all this nonsense but the fact remains that the new map was nothing but a fly taking a loo in a vulcano , especialy since even on the new maps some assets glitch through the floor – trees that grow in the middle of a river and so on , in all honesty the release of the map in this state was probably an attempt to turn the ruder a final time and even with the new map and the summersale granting discounts of 50% on special classes and automatic guns going on the player numbers are still dropping , probably because the overabundance of special classes and automatic weapons is already a problem which just further solidifies the lack of reto moto of their own game

  2. The new maps is pretty ok , the spawn zone is a bit open which promotes spawnkillin ( sadly almost every other map does ) also this is the first map that is not made of recycled assets since 2014
    The real problem is that you hardly have time to explore the map because the matchmaking system is pretty terrible right now and will pit new players vs organized long time players with modded weapons – as for the tractor it does indeed look pretty fun but in essence its a reskin of the civilian truck that is already in game and has little to no use in the game because driving the tractor will always result in a headshot due to the lack of speed and cover .
    For people already playing the game the map is a long wanted blessing , for new players I would suggest to wait till the matchmaking is fixed because the game is super frustrating for new players right now


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