WildStar’s next big update, Destination Arcterra will be filled with plenty of content, according to the Deep Dive post written by Senior Story Designer Gary Astleford. The update will bring a whole new zone — Arcterra — for players to explore. To give players a feel of the upcoming content, Astleford’s post highlighted the new zone and the content that can be found in it.

He does warn that the content contained within the post could be pretty spoilerific for those that have not completed the previous world story or hit max level.

Destination Arcterra’s story picks up with the Caretaker discovering the information he’s been looking for is located in the Vault of the Archon. But he has no idea where this vault is located. So, he does what any smart guy does and sends someone else to look for it… The players. This means that players have to travel into Arcterra, meet up with new factions and solve new mysteries left behind by the people who once lived there.

According to the post, players can look forward to plenty of content in this new zone — in the form of both new and repeatable content. There will be lots of public events, dozens of new bosses, and a deadly blizzard that likes to wake up five tough Osun warriors.

There is also new content for fans of lore.

Astleford’s Deep Dive offers a lot of details on the area; including a “guided tour” of some of the more important areas in the zone. You can read it in detail on the WildStar site.

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  1. Is wildstar worth playing as a free to play user? I bought a box copy a long time ago but dont really have any plans to sub and would start a new free character.


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