Target practice is now open to all participants as En Masse Entertainment has rolled out the open beta for its third-person shooter Zombies Monsters and Robots (ZMR). The shooter originally launched into closed beta in May and offered players a total of 12 different PvP and PvE game modes across 10 maps.

With the launch of ZMR into open beta En Masse has worked with developer Yingpei Games to add an additional 6 maps and a new “Mercs vs, Monsters” mode which offers players the opportunity to choose between 20 enemy classes made up of zombies, monsters, demons and robots, each with upgradable abilities.

Those interested in downloading ZMR can do so here. En Masse is the North American publisher for ZMR and although the Open Beta for ZMR doesn’t appear to be region blocked for EU players, those residing in the EU can opt to check out Hazard Ops (the EU equivalent to ZMR) which is currently in closed beta.

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  1. I gave a second try for this game. This time I played Assault Ops missions and it seemed to be much more fun. The game is very challenging that’s what I like, but the movement is terrible, sometimes I can’t even climb stairs because game is made so badly.

  2. I was excited to download this game, but when I played it felt like high-end graphics game with old clunky and slow movement. Controls are just terrible for a shooter game, it’s unplayable, worse I kept dying because my char didn’t move smoothly.


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