Epic Games released a teaser for an upcoming Paragon hero on YouTube this week. Another experiment of Doctor Maximum’s, Zinx is a super powered lady with a high ability to take damage.

The trailer doesn’t detail her abilities, but it does appear she has a personal shield of sorts and some high power weaponry. Oh. And did we mention she’s an anthromorphic cat… perhaps playing tribute to ThunderCats? She kinda looks like a ThunderCat, right?

Zinx is slated to arrive July 18.

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  1. they will rework some stuff like the card system but i doubt this will make more possibilities than dota2/LoL where every single hero has access to all items and you need to think and build in real time, the game is very boring and casual and you can even see the range of the tower even worse the damage is poor, developers ask you for feedback then they ignore you.

    • You have a point there.
      The damage really is too low, should be much higher.

      As for the boring part…
      You need to find the characters that totally fits your gameplay style and the right build.
      They are adding more and more fun characters, well at least the last 4 they added are fun.

  2. The game isn’t that boring at all, and they playerbase is still good.
    I get pvp match faster then in Overwatch.

    If you don’t like the game now, then wait for then new major update coming soon.

  3. Paragon doesn’t has much to go for as a (moba game).
    It was a fun Casual game to play for a few days but this game won’t make it to the market as the player-base been dropping a lot like the people say from early in the year.. To bad this moba game don’t add more map to change the tactics up more. The developer who make these moba games need to be open minded.

    • They basically stripped down the classic MOBA map to almost basics and I don’t mean visually. It feels like the fy_iceworld of MOBA maps(for those who don’t know, fy_iceworld is/was a popular but incredibly simplistic Counter-Strike map that consisted of basically a giant box and then 4 other boxes creating three hallways going between the sides and a hallway cutting through the middle going the opposite direction.). The jungle is a complete joke and the side lanes at mid field are just hallways with jungle exits only at the ends. They have visually improved it and are doing a major visual improvement set to release in August, but that’s just putting lipstick on a pig.

  4. Very boring game, cards system and leveling not bring rpg elements, everyone almost the same, brainless one map pvp nothing else ingame, reasons why i dont like mobas, dont go same way like tonns of mobas around and tonns of them dead already, why its so hard to implement co op boss fights, real rpg elements where you can progress , here progressing is to get one skin , useless benefits wich not help ingame, no rpg elements, not interested, game stuck like half year, nothing coming out just new characters nothing else.

    • You seem to fundamentally miss the point of what a MOBA is. MOBAs will not ever – if implemented properly – have any progress mechanics that simply increase stats, because that would defeat the one thing that every other mechanic is based on:

      When a MOBA match starts, everyone is at the same powerlevel. Winning is done by being the better player/team.

      If you introduce stat-gaining outside of the match in any way, you destroy this one fundamental fact about MOBAs and immediately disqualify them as a proper sport.

      Imagine if in soccer one team could bring a 2 ton war mech to the battlefield because their team had the money to buy it. Admittedly, it might be cool to watch that – I probably would – but one thing it would not be: Fair.


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