In a statement today on the Dust 514 forums, CCP Games Community Team Member CCP Frame informed fans that Dust 514, the PlayStation 3-exclusive, ground-based shooter spinoff of Eve Online, would cease operations as of May 30.

There’s a lot of explanation in the first paragraph of the statement, but what it all appears to boil down to is that CCP would rather use its limited resources on the upcoming Project Legion. An update regarding that game will be announced at Eve Fanfest on April 21, with tiered rewards being offered to Dust players upon launch.

CCP had high hopes for Dust 514, which launched in May 2013. The integration of the Eve and Dust universes was to be a major draw, though it was always questionable as to why one game would be offered on PCs while the other limited to a console. As late as last March, however, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar PĂ©tursson called Dust “a profitable business for CCP.” Was that just CEO-speak or did Dust fall off a cliff? Maybe someone needs to buy Hilmar a few drinks at Fanfest to find out.


  1. The problem is simple: Consoles die, PCs never die. Soon a new console is launched the sales of the previous console (and games) drops until it ceases… So simple. If DUST was for PC it would still be played like some crap FPS we see here and there.

  2. I think this game would have shined if they open it to the pc, ps4 and xbox world, but dropped the EVE online crap as that was a big mistake.. How do you think people would react to people playing something for free while the others had to pay just so you could enjoy something for free bad marketing right there.. If they would have made the game as its own platform with ships being controlled by other players on the same game instead I think it would have shined all they had to do was make the ships only accessible for people who where in factions/armies and have higher ups be in control of these ships while others fought on the battlefield I think it would have made a great game that could have been on par with planetside 2 and been very immersive with tactical planning that would go far beyond the limits of EVE online.

  3. CCP really need to part with their compulsion with EVE & get & grow a better game.
    They seem so fixated to Eve far too much that all they do is mess up.

  4. I have a idea for a game guys. Lets make a FPS on a console that connects to a PC MMO and not have a PC port. I mean consoles dont change every 5 years? and This MMO only has been around for 10+ years so this should work. While we are at it lets also make a Vampire mmo….

    Game should of been F2P PC only. With Elite and SC eve/ccp will die soon, and it should for all of its awful mistakes.

  5. concept good but the eve players hated the dust player because they could play the game for free and didn’t support them the way ccp planned 😀 maybe a pc version with buy to play would have been a better option for this game.


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