Anarchy Online is still kicking around — and even turning 19 this year, so of course Funcom is celebrating. To be fair, some of the celebratory activities would have likely happened anniversary or not. After all, one of them is the revamped Temple of the Three Winds raid and Loren Warr has returned for to menace players as an outdoor raid boss.

As for the actual anniversary content, Funcom has a special subscription offer for players. Depending on how much time you buy — 3, 6, or 12 months — you’ll be rewarded with an allotment of nano cans and Zenith Commando gear. A three month sub will net you one XP nano can and the Zenith Commando helmet. Six months will get you 2 XP nano cans and the helmet plus body armor. If you go the full twelve months, you’ll get four nano cans and the full Zenity Commando armor set from helmet to boots.

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  1. Its always been an interesting game to play, it’s about time for a change.
    Game devs should stop suppressing themselves to one thing and move to the next chapters.
    In fact most old games need upgrading or new chapters made as they are friggin OLD..
    Its incredible, We are in 2020!.
    Through covid, I have gone through mass’s of re-rolls of games in times gone by, nostalgia is there, but, they are still old, outdated, and have devs stuck in a hibernation box.
    Next chapter please.


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