The Epic Games Store’s latest freebie offering is something you’ll want to look at if you’ve been craving that open world, survival adventure fix. Titled Pine, from developer Twirlbound and publisher Kongregate, the game takes players to the untamed world of Albamare. There, they take on the role of Hue, a human on a mission to find a new place for their tribe to settle.

Along the way, they will meet a variety of creatures. The good new is that they may not have to fight with all of them. There are other options. Players can make friends with the creatures and even join them in their own battles. Or, if one is feeling particularly rogue-ish, go ahead and steal their stuff or force them out of their lands. Just be prepared for the consequences because, as it turns out, one thing players will have to deal with is the fact that stuff happens in the world of Pine — whether the player is there for it or not. The creatures are trying to survive too, and they’ll do what’s necessary for that to happen.

Normally, Pine will run players $25, but right now it can be snagged for free. There’s no DLC to worry about this time. So all of the currently available game content is there.

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