Warlords in Conqueror’s Blade have been battling against the elements throughout the frost-covered Season VI — and soon they’ll get their chance to take on the cold-as-ice big baddie himself.

Starting Feb. 8, players will be able to challenge the Scourge of Winter with two of their allies in a special, limited-time PvE battle. They’ll have to do so without the help of their armies, taking on the black-clad menace alone — and he doesn’t fight fair, calling on his chief lieutenants, the Blood Archon and Ice Archon.

The mission will kick off from the Royal Falcon Tavern, located in Turol Varos. Visit the Conqueror’s Blade site for more information on the coming battle.

In other CB news, developer Booming Games has rebranded as Booming Tech. Additionally, February 8 is when the temporary PvP mode Snowstorm will be removed from the game. This mode has just one control point to capture, and it shifts around during the match. Finally, classic siege map Hidden City has returned to the random battle rotation.


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