Check Out The Trailer For Vindictus's 18th Hero, Tessa, Now Available

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A new hero is now available in Nexon's Vindictus. Tessa, a rapier-wielding bounty hunter and former actress, is the game's 18th playable character. Much like you'd expect from someone whose favored combat weapon is a rapier, Tessa is fast, slashing and stabbing her way to victory while dodging and evading her enemies. To enhance her sword-skills and footwork, she is also capable of using the gem magic skill "Garnet Dash", allowing her to easily evade or quickly approach an enemy. In addition, "Diamond Doublet" allows her to perform two powerful slash attacks, one after the other.

To celebrate the new addition, Nexon is hosting several in-game events. The "To Tessa Package" Event allows all players who create a Tessa character and achieve level 10 within the time limit of the event to earn a special outfit. A "Level Up Go! Go!" event provides new characters with support for rapid growth. Finally, a "Discord Socialite" Event rewards players for joining the Vindictus Discord channel with a Whimsical Shark Hairpin.

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