Planetside 2 players will soon find their skies filled with a new type of aircraft, one which could easily pass as a Harraser with wings, the Valkyrie. Matt Higby, Creative Director on Planetside 2, reveled the new vehicle during a new update video which previewed some of the changes in store for the MMOFPS over the coming months.

Similar to the Norse legend its named after, the Valkyrie are suited for bringing small squads to or away from battles. These small attack aircraft are described as agile and allow for one pilot and forward gunner, while two other players ride in rumble seats on each side of the aircraft. Like the aforementioned Harasser, the rumble seats open design allow the exposed players to use their own weapons and grant them more control over their vision.

Other slightly less but still impressive changes in store include a large-scale balance pass, the mission system implementation, and other changes which reinforce Outfit gameplay including the ability for Outfits to capture bases. All these changes are said to begin starting in April, progressing through the month of May and into the summer, with the Valkyrie being released then.

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  1. GamingMaster on March 28, 2014

    I hope the controls for Valkyrie are easy to pilot, because I suck at flying aircrafts…

  2. Newb on March 24, 2014

    Just was watching this

  3. Negging on March 24, 2014