Hey Warface is out now. If that announcement seemed to lack a bit of enthusiasm, it may be because Warface showed its hand way too early. Burnout over new IP modern military arcade shooters has certainly been on the rise recently, but Crytek seemed gung ho on producing another anyways.

New Free-to-Play shooters from well respected AAA developers are always welcomed, but Warface came out of the gate lukewarm, and pretty much stayed there during its entire beta period. Queue the predictable release trailer.

Ok, so the FPS has class based combat, customizable loadouts, utilizes the Cryengine 3, and even has sliding takedowns with shovels. It’s just a shame many of those class features are useless outside of the gimmicky PvE and the others we’ve come to expect from any shooter these days, even shovels! Players interested in facing off in Warface can do so by signing up for the game through Cryteks proprietary social gaming service GFace.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Lol this gme. Good to see mmobomb calling it out with its useless classes (sniper doesnt ecen have skills). And end game shovel fest. Just over all bad bad design. I wanted this title to bring me back tofps. Instead it is a great reminder of why i left (f2p anyways)

  2. uninstalled this game after 1 hour, absolutely hate that you have to download gface social media program. Weapons are horribly balanced, I say just play team games until this is fixed. ( also hate the co-op part when you have to climb stuff because most people annoy me and say help me just and change their mind -_- )

  3. Played it, didn’t like it very much. Maps are small, just not the type of shooter for me. Wasn’t a bad game overall though. Game engine and graphics are pretty good for F2p. Free for all game mode was by far the worst. In that mode you could place a claymore as soon as you spawn, then since the spawn points are static whoever spawns there next will die shortly after his spawn with no way to prevent it.

    One legit complaint though: The game installs itself through your browser without telling you where the game files are being installed to. There is no entry in the “programs and features” control panel of windows to uninstall, nor is there any start menu shortcut or any other way that most programs have these days. A quick google search showed me the directory that needed to be deleted however, which isn’t too bad. 3 GB total, not sure if the download was compressed, it doesn’t have any data when you download just a progress bar.

    • K…I thought I was the only one who thought the install/uninstall process was a little weird. I was trying to figure out how to uninstall this game about a month ago when it was in closed beta. Then it occurred to me…I never actually agreed to install anything..it just downloaded itself to some random folder in my computer. Not sure if i like that…

      The game itself is…meh at best. It’s your standard military shooter with coop and pvp. In terms of features and gameplay, it brings nothing new to the table. This game would have been a big success about 3-4 years ago. IMO, this would be a good game to play with a friend if you are drinking and have nothing better to do…there’s not a lot of strategy or thinking involved here…so I guess it’s like COD then…

  4. like the new trailer
    as for the game just like any fps shoter it will keep you amuzed for 1 day, week max
    mecanics could use some fixing on pve as for pvp it solid and fluid and ppl

  5. I think the browser integration doesn’t function right if you have adblock so disable it for that domain.
    Also after downloading the game which for me took about 30 minutes it launched okay, the mission select screen is in your browser then it loads into a full screen game.
    For the latest cry engine I’d say the game looks bad but it is F2P… And when I say bad I mean bad for cry engine.
    This game acts as a break from Warframe if you want a modern era were in a desert shooting bad guys theme.
    Oh and Warframe looks better and plays smoother. ( At least for me )
    Give it a shot…

    • I just find it retarded that you have to use that g-face crap and that you have to operate the game in your browser untill the actual match starts. Not even going to bother with this one.

  6. Who is making all these silly headlines.
    They are not funny, start reporting news…
    Not being some flashy funny I NEED VIEWS website.

    Whatever, I would complain about the integrity of you guys… but that would not be received well anyway.

    Moun… NO!

    • Thank you for your feedback. We strive here at MMOBomb to provide informative, but non robotic news. Warface did indeed go live today which does constitute as news. Do you feel that this was nor reflected at least in part by the title and news article?

      If it did not, perhaps you would prefer any of the three other articles we posted today.

      Thanks again,


      • I think you guys at mmobomb are too slow to get up to date.
        You really need to fix that if you don’t want to lose ppl who go to mmo sites for speed feeds.
        Selling point of mmobomb atm is that it’s f2p focused, the only reason i’m hanging here myself actually, it’s simply more comfortable.
        Long story short… get more ppl to snoop for news.

        • Outside of the web shows there are only two people who are working on articles, There are other sites that land the same news with a more mechanical report with five times the staff, these guys don’t even get payed to do it. If you want more news contribute by submitting stuff to the forums for suggestion or find another site. The world will go on without you here to piss and moan, I assure you.


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